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Mercurial Queues Emulation for Git

修訂. 時間 作者
1a53f0d master v1.0-final 2022-03-31 22:05:16 Keith Marshall

Promote git-mq-1.0-rc-3 to final release status,

* configure.ac (AC_INIT): Set version number to 1.0
* All files (v1.0-final): Tag assigned; excepting copyright
assignment corrections, none are changed from v1.0-rc-3.

1338d40 2022-02-25 23:55:21 Keith Marshall

Correct copyright assignment errors.

* mq-atexit.sh mq-message-opts.sh mq-push-reordered.sh
* mq-select-activate.sh mq-select-backend.sh mq-select-list.awk
* mq-series-list-colour.sh mq-series-list.sh mq-setup.sh
* mq-tmpfile.sh mq-why-guarded.sh: Amend copyright assignment; this
is not, and never was, a MinGW.org project, nor were any of these
files derived from any published as a part of any such project.

* configure.ac: Likewise; also correct a publication date typo.

b321930 v1.0-rc-3 2022-02-24 20:19:29 Keith Marshall

Publish 3rd v1.0 release candidate.

* configure.ac (AC_INIT): Update version number.
* All files (v1.0-rc-3): Tag assigned.

56fe1e9 2022-02-24 19:34:25 Keith Marshall

Add mercurial support for ChangeLog generation.

* Makefile.in (scm_cmd) [.hg exists]: Set to use "hg".
(scm_cmd) [! .hg exists]: Fall back to use "git", as default.
(hg_changelog_template): New formatting macro; define it.

f57c62a 2022-02-24 06:26:22 Keith Marshall

Generate ChangeLog to include in source distribution.

* Makefile.in (PACKAGE_DISTNAME, PACKAGE_TMPDIR): Force remake...
(FORCE): ...requiring this new phoney build prerequisite; define it.
(srcdist-package-content): New phoney build prerequisite; define it.
(srcdist): Require it; this creates prerequisite dependencies on...
(srcdist-package-scripts, srcdist-package-files): ...these original
prerequisites, which are now augmented by...
(srcdist-package-changelog): ...this new prerequisite; implement...
(scm_cmd): ...in terms of this command macro; define it, assuming that
source code management will use "git", with "git log" supported by...
(git_changelog_template): ...this ChangeLog generator template.

0f1512b 2022-02-23 01:43:02 Keith Marshall

Robustly interpret "--color" and "--colour" as aliases.

* git-mq-setup.sh (git_mq_getopt): Explicitly match...
(--colour, --no-colour): ...either of these options, rather than...
(--c*, "-]", --no-c*): ...any of these.

* git-mq-setup.shar.in: Before loading...
(git-sh-setup): ...this helper script, scan and rewrite...
($@): ...this list of command line arguments; for any matching...
(--color*): ...this, insert "u" before "r"; also replace...
(--no-color): ...this, with...
(--no-colour): ...this.

1da2daa 2022-02-20 00:33:48 Keith Marshall

Ensure "git qfold" runs with the correct CWD.

* git-qfold.shar: Immediately following...
(git-mq-setup): ...this, insert a "cd" command, ensuring that...
($GIT_ROOT): ...this is made the working directory; without this,
folded patches are not correctly applied, thus losing their content,
if "git qfold" is invoked from any other working directory.

880e599 2022-02-13 02:32:33 Keith Marshall

Install aliases for "git qdelete" and "git qrename".

* Makefile.in (install_alias): New functional macro; use it...
(install-bin-scripts): ...here, to create $bindir aliases for...
(git-qremove, git-qrm): ...each of these, both linked to...
(git-qdelete): ...this.
(git-qmv): Create a further $bindir alias, linking it to...
(git-qrename): ...this.
(install-man-pages): Likewise, create $man1dir aliases for...
(git-qremove.1, git-qrm.1): ...each of these, linked to...
(git-qdelete.1): ...this, and likewise...
(git-qmv.1): ...this, linked to...
(git-qremove.1): ...this.

* git-qdelete.1.man (git qremove, git qrm)
* git-qrename.1.man (git qmv): Document aliases.

f7dc1b9 2022-02-12 03:11:54 Keith Marshall

Update commit timestamp on "git qrefresh" or "git qfold".

* git-mq-write-patch.sh [git qfold, git qrefresh]
[mq_commit_date unassigned] (mq_commit_date): Assign as "now", in the
form produced by running the "date +'%s %z'" command.

b0667eb 2022-02-11 18:45:12 Keith Marshall

Ensure "git qimport -P" runs with the correct CWD.

* git-qimport.shar [mq_push_on_import] (GIT_ROOT): "cd" to it...
(guards, series, status): ...and remap file path-name references.

03e96d9 2022-02-08 20:13:41 Keith Marshall

Handle "git qfold" operations with no commit message.

* git-qfold.shar (mq_msg_file) [no content]: Insert default text; this
is required to ensure that a commit message is available, when running
"git commit", to complete the "git qfold" operation.

ea8a96f 2022-02-07 00:51:19 Keith Marshall

Fix two "git qimport" implementation defects.

* git-qimport.shar: Correct a misleading comment.
* git-rev-import.sh (do mq_update): Delete extraneous "do" token.
[tags existing: qbase && ! qtip] (qtip): Create missing tag.

82c4921 2022-02-07 00:24:12 Keith Marshall

Do not consider backup files for SCM tracking.

* .gitignore (*~): Add reference; GNU autoconf, from v2.70 onwards,
creates backup files named to match this pattern, so ensure that git,
and hg, will ignore these files.

74ca115 v1.0-rc-2 2020-01-08 00:22:55 Keith Marshall

Publish 2nd v1.0 release candidate.

* configure.ac (AC_INIT): Update version number.
* All files (v1.0-rc-2): Tag assigned.

078d06b 2020-01-07 07:20:58 Keith Marshall

Avoid duplicate option definitions in git-rev-parse.

* git-mq-setup.shar.in (OPTIONS_SPEC)
[OPTION_VERBOSE_DEFINED] (--verbose): Do not add duplicate definition.
(--color): Associate short name alias with only one abbreviation.

* git-qapplied.shar git-qseries.shar
* git-qtop.shar (OPTION_VERBOSE_DEFINED): Assert it.

41ff074 2020-01-07 07:19:19 Keith Marshall

Forget, and subsequently ignore .hgtags file.

* .gitignore (.hgtags): Add reference.
* .hgtags: Delete file.

06d3334 2020-01-07 07:08:55 Keith Marshall

Ignore possible existence of ChangeLog file.

* .gitignore .hgignore (ChangeLog): Add references.

9bd0053 2019-06-30 23:26:31 Keith Marshall

Tag published release.

* All files (v1.0-rc-1): Tag assigned.

34ed6fe v1.0-rc-1 2019-06-30 23:23:49 Keith Marshall

Publish 1st v1.0 release candidate.

* configure.ac (AC_INIT): Update version number.

deec79c 2019-06-29 01:53:26 Keith Marshall

Propagate version updates to deliverable scripts.

* Makefile.in (mq_supported): Make all depend on "configure"; this
ensures that version changes are propagated from "configure.ac"

a374e77 2019-06-29 01:32:12 Keith Marshall

Add build system clean-up support.

* Makefile.in (clean, mostlyclean, distclean, maintainer-clean):
New rules; implement them.

2f65a87 2019-06-29 00:55:48 Keith Marshall

Define "install-strip" and "uninstall" rules.

* Makefile.in (install-strip, uninstall): New rules; implement them.

f30505e 2019-06-28 14:23:24 Keith Marshall

Revert unintentional version change.

* configure.ac (AC_INIT): Reset version to 0.1.0; change to 1.0-rc-1
should have been deferred until time of release.

a11c89c 2019-06-28 08:32:37 Keith Marshall

Correct a "git qimport" implementation defect.

* git-qimport.shar (mq_patchdir): Ensure it exists; else create it.
(series_file): Initialize it, up front; as previously implemented, it
could have a null value at point of use, causing redirection failure.

053bd84 2019-06-26 14:47:51 Keith Marshall

Automate publication of documentation in optional formats.

* Makefile.in (pdf, all-pdf, install-pdf): Define new rules; these
format the man-pages, and store them as publication-ready PDF files.
(ps, all-ps, install-ps): Likewise, storing as PostScript files.
(dvi, all-dvi, install-dvi, html, all-html, install-html)
(info, all-info, install-info): Decline to publish.

4364a44 2019-06-24 04:24:44 Keith Marshall

Include licences in binary distribution.

* Makefile.in (PACKAGE_DOCDIR): New macro; define it.
(bindist-licence): New distribution rule; it installs...
(LICENCE, FDL-1.3): ...these files into PACKAGE_DOCDIR; required...
(bindist): ...by this.

2e18d5d 2019-06-24 03:05:11 Keith Marshall

Implement the "git qrename" command.

* git-qrename.shar: New file; it implements the command.
* man/git-qrename.1.man: New file; it adds "git help" support.

* Makefile.in (mq_supported): Add "qrename".

e9d1b58 2019-06-22 07:23:59 Keith Marshall

Include awk scripts in source distribution.

* Makefile.in (srcdist-package-files): Add dependency on...
($top_srcdir/*.awk): ...this, thus correcting prior oversight.

34fae23 2019-06-22 07:14:17 Keith Marshall

Include manpage sources in distribution.

* configure.ac (AC_PROG_LN_S): Add it.

* Makefile.in (LN_S, abs_top_srcdir): Add AC_SUBST defines.
(srcdist): Use them, to link manpage sources to staging directory.
(srcdist-package-files): Add FDL-1.3

c6fb5a0 2019-06-22 07:02:00 Keith Marshall

Correct some manpage layout issues.

* man/git-qapplied.1.man man/git-qdelete.1.man man/git-qdiff.1.man
* man/git-qfinish.1.man man/git-qfold.1.man man/git-qgoto.1.man
* man/git-qguard.1.man man/git-qheader.1.man man/git-qimport.1.man
* man/git-qnew.1.man man/git-qnext.1.man man/git-qpop.1.man
* man/git-qprev.1.man man/git-qpush.1.man man/git-qrefresh.1.man
* man/git-qselect.1.man man/git-qseries.1.man man/git-qtop.1.man
* man/git-qunapplied.1.man (NAME, SEE ALSO): Insert ".na" before.
(DESCRIPTION): Insert ".ad b" before.

* man/git-qapplied.1.man man/git-qnext.1.man man/git-qprev.1.man
* man/git-qseries.1.man man/git-qtop.1.man man/git-qunapplied.1.man
(SYNOPSIS): Adjust non-breakable spacing.

* man/git-qpush.1.man (SYNOPSIS): Delete redundant ".br" at end.