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Mercurial Queues Emulation for Git

Commit MetaInfo

修訂b0667eb98e14eafed0fe0f2d50ff050e1fb5c32f (tree)
時間2022-02-11 18:45:12
作者Keith Marshall <keith@user...>
CommiterKeith Marshall

Log Message

Ensure "git qimport -P" runs with the correct CWD.

* git-qimport.shar [mq_push_on_import] (GIT_ROOT): "cd" to it...
(guards, series, status): ...and remap file path-name references.

Change Summary


--- a/git-qimport.shar
+++ b/git-qimport.shar
@@ -160,7 +160,16 @@ done | awk "$mq_series $mq_status"' END {
160160 mq_series_file="$mq_patchdir/series" mq_update mq_series_file
162162 ${mq_push_on_import-false} && {
163+# The '-P' option is in effect, so we must emulate the "git qpush"
164+# operation, for the imported patch sequence; this MUST be performed
165+# with the git root directory as current working directory, requires
166+# the patch series indexing helper functions, and since the series
167+# control file may have been created, as new on import, we remap
168+# the entire control file set, before proceeding.
170+ cd ${GIT_ROOT}
163171 mq_require mq-series-index
172+ mq_map_control_file_refs "$mq_patchdir" guards series status
164173 mq_require git-qpush-backend "$mq_destname"
165174 }
166175 #