[MinGW-Users] ISO C does not support %I64

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Keith Marshall keith****@users*****
Wed Jan 27 04:50:04 JST 2021

On 26/01/2021 17:10, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> Could someone (Keith?) please remind me how to avoid the following
> compiler warning:
>   D:\usr\eli>gcc -Wall -pedantic -c tsnprintf.c

When building GCC, I configure with:


but that's a package-specific configuration option.  For more general
use, you could try:

  D:\usr\eli>gcc -Wall -pedantic -Wno-pedantic-ms-format -c tsnprintf.c

Alternatively, insert:

  #pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wformat"

into the source, (but that would suppress *all* format warnings), or
(more selectively) wrap the offending snprintf() call within:

  # pragma GCC diagnostic push
  # pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wformat"
    snprintf (buf, 40, "%" PRIu64, bar);
  # pragma GCC diagnostic pop

(Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any pragma which would activate


in any more selective fashion, or I might suggest adding it to features.h).

> One way of getting rid of this is to use _snprintf instead, but is
> there a cleaner way?

I wouldn't recommend that: _snprintf() is *not* a drop-in replacement
for snprintf(), but __mingw_snprintf() might be a viable alternative;
(after all, it *is* MinGW's effective implementation of snprintf()).

> I thought some function attribute could solve this, perhaps?
The format attribute is already specified; I'm not aware of any modifier
to override the pedantic-ms-format behaviour.


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