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2020-10-21 17:50
Hi! While I was installing MinGW, there were twice trojan attacks: Trojan.Generic. I have taken a screenshot which I ...
2020-09-17 21:34
Here the log copied straight from the 'Details' window of the installation manager showing information of the only pa...
2020-09-05 17:07
Hello, I am writing a custom wrapper for new/delete allocations to get an aligned memory. I noticed that if I use std...
2020-09-03 00:15
According to Microsoft's GetModuleFileNameA() function documentation: The global variable _pgmptr is automatically in...
2020-07-15 22:40
Example Code: The code compiles fine in godbolt with gcc 9.2, but if compiled with mingw...


2020-10-27 21:24

I really like MinGW, if you want to compile C/C++, code, link object files a....

2020-10-27 00:56

ythgihitiutuy iuip upyiujgfi hii

2020-10-06 17:41

pos dificil de instalar no te voy a mentir mi pana

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