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2019-11-12 08:39
I'm using MinGW-gcc-6.3.0. The wcsrtombs() function as mentioned in the docs on cppreference should return the number...
2019-11-12 08:25
If I use "xmllint --noout --schema cml.xsd sample-file.xml", xmllint crash with a error message and a xmllint.exe.sta...
2019-11-02 23:49
Using: MinGW GCC compiler: gcc ( GCC-8.2.0-5) 8.2.0; Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64 bit operating syste...
2019-10-18 08:39
When compiling GNU gettext-0.20.1 with GCC-8.2.0 and mingwrt-5.2.2, I see: mingw32-gcc -DLOCALEDIR=\"/mingw/share/loc...
2019-10-12 21:12
Hi! Windows introduced function rand_s some time and while I find mention of it in MinGW's msvcrt-xref.pdf I cannot f...


2019-10-27 00:55

I spent maybe 5 - 10 minutes (it shoud be 30 seconds ! ) looking for MinGW f....

2019-10-20 01:03

Used it to compile and run c++ code on VS Code.

2019-10-12 04:28

Great tool to have the power of a linux shell under windows

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