[MinGW-Users] ISO C does not support %I64

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Eli Zaretskii eliz****@gnu*****
Wed Jan 27 05:06:23 JST 2021

> From: Keith Marshall <keith****@users*****>
> Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2021 19:50:04 +0000
> >   D:\usr\eli>gcc -Wall -pedantic -c tsnprintf.c
> When building GCC, I configure with:
>   --disable-build-format-warnings
> but that's a package-specific configuration option.  For more general
> use, you could try:
>   D:\usr\eli>gcc -Wall -pedantic -Wno-pedantic-ms-format -c tsnprintf.c

That shuts up the warning, thanks.

> > One way of getting rid of this is to use _snprintf instead, but is
> > there a cleaner way?
> I wouldn't recommend that: _snprintf() is *not* a drop-in replacement
> for snprintf(), but __mingw_snprintf() might be a viable alternative;

Using __mingw_snprintf instead of snprintf doesn't avoid the warning,


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