[Mingw-users] Errors in standard include files

Anton Shepelev anton****@gmail*****
Sat Jan 11 06:18:18 JST 2020

Keith Marshall to Anton Shepelev:

> > It is a shame that so simple a task as downloading a
> > file should require relatively new OS and software.
> > Stable protocols are a blessing.
> It's because most download sites now use HTTPS, and
> require certified authentication; WinXP is simply too old
> to reliably support that.

For the time being, I have trouble with only a minority of
HTTPS websites, usually of commerical nature.

> It reached end-of-life several years ago, as did WinVista
> somewhat more recently.  Win7 will go the same way, within
> the coming week; Microsoft want you to upgrade to Win10
> ... or you could move to something with better legacy
> support :-)

I shall miss the times when I upgraded or replaced my PC
only when something broke, but never ever earlier.  This PC
will outlive its usefullness...  I strongly dislike the
aesthetics of the recent versions of Windows with its vector
graphics and blurry high-dpi scaling of legacy applications
(which has to be turned off explicitely). I must seek a Linux
with a raster GUI.

> you still have an obsolete profile.xml, which is directing
> catalogue update requests to SF.net.  You need to edit
> that, to make its repository references match the new
> defaults.xml, (or just move it away, so defaults.xml will
> be used instead).

Thank you -- renaming profile.xml has helped, but an error
occured during the upgrade of gcc, mingwrt, and w32api via
the new GUI installation manager:

   mingw-get: *** ERROR *** libgomp-4.8.1-4-mingw32-dll-1.tar: invalid manifest; no references

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