[Mingw-users] Errors in standard include files

Anton Shepelev anton****@gmail*****
Sat Jan 11 04:47:46 JST 2020

Keith Marshall:

> > Excellent.  If you only add -std=c++11 the errors will
> > be there:
> I'm not seeing that, sorry.  With either -std=c++11, or
> -std=gnu++11, added, that command remains completely
> silent

Thank you.  Must be the problem with my obsolete version of
gcc and headers, then.

> > Can I update MinGW on Windows XP anymore?
> Web security technologies have advanced, significantly,
> since Microsoft pulled the plug on WinXP; it is becoming
> increasingly difficult to continue supporting web access
> from WinXP

It is a shame that so simple a task as downloading a file
should require relatively new OS and software.  Stable
protocols are a blessing.

> but the latest version of mingw-get, (the version
> available from OSDN.net), does still manage to do so.
> However...
> [...]
> ...this tells me that you are still using the obsolete,
> unmaintained version from SF.net, which will not work; you
> need to reinstall mingw-get, using the mingw-get-setup.exe
> tool from OSDN.net

The installer created

C:\MinGW\libexec\mingw-get\ and

but reported some errors.  Here is the complete installation
log (let me know if I should have provided a pastebin link

   mingw-get: *** INFO *** setup: unpacking mingw-get-0.6.3-mingw32-pre-20170905-1-bin.tar.xz
   mingw-get: *** INFO *** setup: unpacking mingw-get-0.6.3-mingw32-pre-20170905-1-gui.tar.xz
   mingw-get: *** INFO *** setup: unpacking mingw-get-0.6.3-mingw32-pre-20170905-1-lic.tar.xz
   mingw-get: *** INFO *** setup: unpacking mingw-get-setup-0.6.3-mingw32-pre-20170905-1-dll.tar.xz
   mingw-get: *** INFO *** setup: unpacking mingw-get-setup-0.6.3-mingw32-pre-20170905-1-xml.tar.xz
   mingw-get: *** INFO *** setup: updating installation database
   mingw-get: *** INFO *** setup: register mingw-get-0.6.3-mingw32-pre-20170905-1-bin.tar.xz
   mingw-get: *** INFO *** setup: register mingw-get-0.6.3-mingw32-pre-20170905-1-gui.tar.xz
   mingw-get: *** INFO *** setup: register mingw-get-0.6.3-mingw32-pre-20170905-1-lic.tar.xz
   mingw-get: *** INFO *** setup: installation database updated
   mingw-get: *** ERROR *** http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/mingw/package-list.xml.lzma?download:cannot open URL; status = 12157
   mingw-get: *** ERROR *** Sync Repository: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/mingw/package-list.xml.lzma?download: download failed
   mingw-get: *** ERROR *** http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/mingw/mingw32-package-list.xml.lzma?download:cannot open URL; status = 12157
   mingw-get: *** ERROR *** Sync Repository: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/mingw/mingw32-package-list.xml.lzma?download: download failed
   mingw-get: *** ERROR *** http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/mingw/mingw32-contrib-package-list.xml.lzma?download:cannot open URL; status = 12157
   mingw-get: *** ERROR *** Sync Repository: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/mingw/mingw32-contrib-package-list.xml.lzma?download: download failed
   mingw-get: *** ERROR *** http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/mingw/msys-package-list.xml.lzma?download:cannot open URL; status = 12157
   mingw-get: *** ERROR *** Sync Repository: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/mingw/msys-package-list.xml.lzma?download: download failed

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