[Mingw-users] Errors in standard include files

Keith Marshall keith****@users*****
Sat Jan 11 03:54:16 JST 2020

On 10/01/2020 13:10, Anton Shepelev wrote:
> Keith Marshall:
>> FWIW, your pastebin shows only the error messages, which
>> appear to indicate that they are triggered when a
>> statement such as:
>>    #include <sstream>
>> is parsed within a C++ translation unit, but we see no
>> indication of which feature test macros, if any, may be in
>> scope at point of failure; just compiling that one
>> statement, in isolation:
>>    $ echo '#include <sstream>' | mingw32-g++ -c -fsyntax-only -x c++ -
> Excellent.  If you only add -std=c++11 the errors will be there:

I'm not seeing that, sorry.  With either -std=c++11, or -std=gnu++11,
added, that command remains completely silent.  With -std=c++03, or
-std=gnu++03, however, I do see a small number of errors, (much fewer
than your pastebin shows), all originating in GCC C++ heades, (not in
the MinGW headers), and all due to gratuitous references to functions
which are undeclared, by the MinGW headers, unless the _ISOC99_SOURCE
feature test has been enabled; (<_mingw.h> will enable it for any of
__STDC__ >= 199901L, __cplusplus >= 201103L, or _POSIX_C_SOURCE >=
200112L; I'm not sure if it should be enabled for any earlier C++ version).

>> I would further point out that you appear to be using
>> GCC-4.9.3
> Can I update MinGW on Windows XP anymore?

Web security technologies have advanced, significantly, since Microsoft
pulled the plug on WinXP; it is becoming increasingly difficult to
continue supporting web access from WinXP, but the latest version of
mingw-get, (the version available from OSDN.net), does still manage to
do so.  However...

> My MinGW Installation Manager fails with what I perceive as two 
> messages:>
>    1. Cannot open URL.
>    2. Sync repository failed.
> The URL in the error message is (typing from screen):
>    http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/mingw/package-list.xml.lzma?download

...this tells me that you are still using the obsolete, unmaintained
version from SF.net, which will not work; you need to reinstall
mingw-get, using the mingw-get-setup.exe tool from OSDN.net


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