MidiInChecker2 Release Notes

Release 003 (2021/10/20)

  • #40485 Add MidiInChecker2 feature: mask realtime message by Option - Ignore realtime messages. Default setting is enabled (ignore realtime message)

Release 002 (2018/2/7)

  • Improved logs info (detail info for each MIDI events, etc)
  • Added "Save As" at File menu. You can save logs in plain/rich text.
  • Added context menu (copy, select all). Added them to the main menu (Edit).
  • Show MidiInChecker2 release number on the title bar.
  • Changed NewLine code: from \r\n to System.Environment.NewLine.
  • Fixed timestamp correctly
  • Changed base version of .NET Framework: from 2.0 to 4.7.

Release 001 (2017/6/6: developed day is earlier than it, but published day is it)

  • Initial release. I re-constructed MidiInChecker (developed by FROM) on .NET Framework 2.0.
  • Fixed to be able to use 2nd/3rd/... MIDI I/Fs.