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e047b0d master 2021-11-23 07:39:42 Keith Marshall

Correct bad reference link from preceding commit.

* docrefs.html (dllver.html): Point link to this, correcting...
(pkgspecs.html): ...pasted copy of reference to this.

1be8036 2021-11-23 07:14:05 Keith Marshall

Publish note on DLL version management.

* dllver.html: New file.
* docrefs.html: Add reference link.

be52772 2021-11-20 07:58:22 Keith Marshall

Publish bug reporting guidelines.

* buginfo.html: New file.
* contact.html (Reporting Bugs): Update reference text.
* faq.html docrefs.html: Add reference links.

bed8fd4 2021-11-20 07:58:22 Keith Marshall

Specify some additional site style properties.

* site.css (h4): Set margins globally.
(page-view): Set minimum relative display width.
(dl.masthead): No longer required; delete specification.
(div.overlapped) [following "masthead"]: Adjust top margin.
(nowrap, box-out, table.borderless): New styling classes.
(pre.vt) [box-out]: Specialization of <code> style, for use in
illustration of screen display output; lighten text colour.
(kbd) [pre.vt]: Darken text colour, for keyboard input.
(code) [within <a> tag scope]: Inherit text colour.
(code) [within body text]: Lighten text colour.

a221b12 2021-11-17 01:19:11 Keith Marshall

Correct a typographical error.

* faq.html (project's): Insert omitted "s", after apostrophe.

be0d5e5 2021-09-14 00:02:28 Keith Marshall

Add documentation catalogue and FAQ pages.

* docrefs.html faq.html: New files.
* header.html (Documentation): Link to docrefs.html

* site.css (ol ul): Adjust right margin for "li" elements.
(dl.toc): Add styling rules for documentation catalogue entries.
(div.faq): Likewise, for dynamic FAQ Q&A display.

5335820 2021-09-12 23:38:38 Keith Marshall

Redirect OSDN mail archive searches from DuckDuckGo to Google.

* site.js (osdn_archive, ddg_query, ddg_widget): New functions; they
facilitate setup and initiation of a DuckDuckGo query of any OSDN mail
archive, with redirection via the Google search engine, using...
(ddg_bang, ddg_google_search, ddg_google_search_site): ...these new
internal-use helper functions.

* mailing.html (MinGW-Users, MinGW-Notify): Use...
(ddg_widget, osdn_archive): ...these to initiate DuckDuckGo search...
(ddg_google_search): ...with this to redirect to the Google engine.

aa687c7 2021-09-12 08:19:40 Keith Marshall

Execute embedded scripts on overlay-page load.

* site.js (no_break, update_page_content_header): Delete them.
(set_page): New page-load helper function; it supports page title and
subtitle updates, when called from embedded scripts on overlay-pages.
(load_page) [status == 200]: Scan for, and execute embedded scripts.

* index.html [masthead] (h1, h2): Change identifiers from...
(as-page-title, as-page-subtitle): ...these respectively, to...
(page-title, page-subtitle): ...these; add hidden placeholder content.

* about.html contact.html fdl.html mailing.html missing.html
* terms.html [masthead] (dl): Delete hidden element; replace it with
script, to assign effective HTML content to each of...
(page-title, page-subtitle): ...these.

* fdl.html mailing.html (ol, ul): Do not override CSS styles.

* site.css [masthead]: Do not assume that final element is...
(dl): ...this; define style for immediately following paragraph, on
the basis that the final masthead element may be anything.

659fb0b 2021-09-11 06:32:13 Keith Marshall

Rename project domain to reflect relocation to MinGW.OSDN.io

* about.html contact.html fdl.html header.html index.html
* mailing.html missing.html site.css site.js terms.html: Edit out all
page references to MinGW.org; substitute MinGW.OSDN

2364afc 2020-11-06 19:12:24 Keith Marshall

Correctly handle internal page section references.

* site.js (load_content) ["#" in URL]: Scroll to internal reference.
* site.css (overlapped): New styling class; define it, such that any
element to which it is assigned will be positioned, with its topmost
content fully visible below the page header block, when an internal
page reference is scrolled into view.

* contact.html (general-enquiry, bug-report, feature-request)
* mailing.html (mingw-users, mingw-notify, mingw-msys, list-etiquette)
* about.html (cross-compile): Mark reference points as "overlapped".

899ad64 2020-11-06 08:00:14 Keith Marshall

Add contact and mailing-list information pages.

* contact.html mailing.html: New files.
* index.html (font-awesome): Add stylesheet link.

* site.css (hr): Adjust adjacent paragraph top margin spacing.
(li): Set explicit top margin, within both <ul> and <ol> blocks.
(dl, dt, dd): Add general style; suppress left margin indent...
(dl.no-indent dd): ...for so-qualified definition entries.
(navbar.li): Adjust margins; add a bottom margin specification.
(form.search): Set display width, margins, and styles for input
fields and search buttons.

e56eb1e 2020-11-04 02:09:55 Keith Marshall

Use typographic quotation marks on licence pages.

* fdl.html (page-content): Replace ASCII apostrophe with balanced
typographic HTML single quotation marks, where appropriate; likewise,
replace ASCII double quotation marks with balanced HTML typographic

98be686 2020-11-03 20:11:52 Keith Marshall

Improve http status 404 notifications.

* missing.html (page-subtitle): Add <dt> entry.
(page-content): Wording enhancements; suggest filing of feature
request for missing page, as identified by dynamic content of...
(e404-missing-page): ...this named <span> element.

* site.js (load_content) [e404-missing-page]: Assign URL.

003cc5a 2020-11-03 06:41:07 Keith Marshall

Adapt index.html to serve arbitrarily specified content.

* index.html (onload): Delegate content retrieval to...
(load_page): ...this new javascript function, passing URL.
(page-title, page-subtitle): Rename place-holders, using...
(as-page-title, as-page-subtitle): ...these alternative names.

* site.js (load_page): New function; it consolidates...
(new_page, load_page_overlay, load_page_content): ...these, but
excluding "page-title" and "page-subtitle" assignment; do this...
(load_content): ...here, using repeated invocations of...
(update_page_content_header): ...this new function; it propagates any
"page-title" and "page-subtitle" values from the loaded page fragment,
to their corresponding "index.html" place-holders, calling...
(no_break): ...this new function, to substitute non-breaking hyphens
in place of any included ASCII hyphen characters.

* header.html (navbar): Use fully qualified "href" URL links on all
tabs, replacing "onclick" actions.

* about.html fdl.html terms.html (page-title, page-subtitle): Assign
them to hidden <dt> elements, (in <dl style="display: none"> blocks),
whence they may be propagated, via javascript executed on loading of
the page fragment, to their visible "index.html" place-holders.

* terms.html: Additionally, use a fully qualified "href" link, for
reference to "fdl.html".

* missing.html (page-title): Add hidden <dt> entry.

* site.css (dl.masthead): Define new style, to conceal the <dl>
assignments for "page-title", and "page-subtitle"; adjust top margin
spacing for any immediately following paragraph.

72b5d2b 2020-10-28 06:07:50 Keith Marshall

Move charset assignment to valid file offset.

* index.html (charset): The HTML5 specification requires this
meta-data attribute to be assigned within the first 1024 bytes of
the page data; move it above the licensing terms, to keep it so.

6b375fa 2020-10-26 04:39:49 Keith Marshall

Add a site-specific favicon file.

* favicon.ico: New file; it is derived from the MSYS icon.

24c7b59 2020-10-09 23:12:25 Keith Marshall

Add generic page overlay to report missing content.

* missing.html: New file.
* site.js (load_content) [status 404]: Use it.
(load_page_content): Initially, clear previous content.

* header.html (Downloads, Documentation, Contact Us): Add "onclick"
tab references; defer provision of content, raising 404 status.

8cf6ded 2020-10-08 04:15:44 Keith Marshall

Add "licensing terms" overlay pages.

* terms.html fdl.html: New files.
* header.html (Licensing tab): Add "terms.html" overlay reference.
* site.css (h3-numbered): New "div" class; specify formatting.
* site.js (load_page_overlay): New function; implement it.

54467f1 2020-10-07 06:01:06 Keith Marshall

Initial commit.

* index.html header.html about.html: New files.
* site.css site.js logo.png: Likewise.