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!ClickHeat は HTML ページでのクリックの視覚ヒートマップ、ホットとコールド ゾーンをクリックします。Java スクリプトの設定を追跡するクライアントをクリックすると、PHP と GD サーバー上をクリックをログし、ヒートマップを生成する必要があります。

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最後更新: 2003-10-17 10:30

Qmail-Scanner Statistics

Qmail-Scanner Statistics (QSS) uses the Qmail-Scanner Logfile to generate
daily, monthly, and yearly statistics. It also shows a complete list of viruses
stopped by Qmail-Scanner, the top five domains from which the viruses came, as
well as the countries of origin.

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最後更新: 2009-12-20 00:30


ppplag reads system logs and shows a table of all
found PPP sessions with stats for start times,
durations, bytes in/out, and speed in/out.

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最後更新: 2007-01-16 08:07


Geolizer is a patch for Webalizer that uses the
GeoIP library to generate faster and more reliable
geographic statistics than the default DNS suffix
method. It is recommended that DNS reversal be
disabled on your HTTP server for improved
performance and more accurate statistics. It also
supports country flag pictures, can be compiled
under MinGW/MSYS, and features a human-readable
transfer size display.

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最後更新: 2008-03-18 01:00


BetterAWStats is an Web server log analysis tool that provides better statistics from the data provided by AWStats. It is not a replacement for AWStats. The most significant features are rolling months and days and support for new types of charts (maps etc.). The overall goal is to make the data more accessible for the user.

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最後更新: 2014-03-01 19:50

Open Hacking GateWay Client Crypto

この不正行為防止ソフトウェアはインタ フェース リアルタイム XTRAP 機能でチェックし、リモート サーバーにログを報告する S4 のリーグのクライアントによって使用されます。詳細情報: HGWC バージョン: 57 プロトコル バージョン: 7

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最後更新: 2004-03-18 10:35


fwanalog is a shell script that parses and summarizes firewall logfiles. It understands logs from ipf (xBSD, Solaris), OpenBSD 3.x pf, Linux 2.2 ipchains, Linux 2.4 iptables, and a few types of routers and firewalls (Cisco, Checkpoint FW-1, and Watchguard). The excellent log analysis program Analog is used to create the reports.

最後更新: 2013-12-25 13:08


Malheur is a tool for the automatic analysis of malware behavior (program behavior recorded from malicious software in a sandbox environment). It is designed to support the regular analysis of malicious software and the development of detection and defense measures. It allows for identifying novel classes of malware with similar behavior and assigning unknown malware to discovered classes. It can be applied to recorded program behavior of various formats as long as monitored events are separated by delimiter symbols, e.g. as in reports generated by the popular malware sandboxes CWSandbox, Anubis, Norman Sandbox, and Joebox.

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最後更新: 2003-03-19 23:51


Apache-logViewSQL is a PHP frontend for
mod_log_sql (formerly mod_log_mysql) which
supports live viewing of Apache log data via
MySQL. It provides the ability to drill down on
live data as it comes in, and it also integrates
with geoIP databases.

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最後更新: 2001-01-30 06:12


BCLF is the Binary Common Log Format, a fast, platform independent, streamable, compact logging format that resembles the Extended CLF logging format in content. The project goal is to make an Apache module and enhance the format without giving up speed.

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最後更新: 2006-01-16 21:34


Log watcher is a PHP class that polls log files and takes
newly added lines to send them to a given watcher email
address. Although this class can be used to poll any type
of log files, it was developed with the intention to
overcome a limitation of the PHP error trapping system
that is not able to capture certain types of errors during
script execution, like script parsing errors or form file
uploading failures. It is meant to be used from cron-like
task schedulers to poll log files regularly. The email
notification message can be composed from text
templates. The message delivery function can be replaced by custom functions like the urgent mail function that can be faster for delivering critical messages.

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最後更新: 2005-08-19 00:54


unalog is a Web-based human event (links/books read, songs played, etc.) logging tool focused on bibliographic metadata support and library (as in books-on-shelves) workflow integration.

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最後更新: 2005-01-02 07:30


Pathalizer is a tool for visualizing the paths
most users take when browsing a Web site.
This information can be used to decide how to
improve the navigation of the site, and for
determining which parts are most worth
improving and keeping up to date. It
generates a directed, weighed graph from an
Apache log, but could easily be modified to
analyze any list of events.

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最後更新: 2006-01-13 22:01


webalizer-usercolor is a patch against the
Webalizer Web logfile analyzer that provides
personalized colors on the generated Web pages and

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最後更新: 2002-04-09 06:27


tinydns-rrd generates realtime graphs from your
tinydns logs by using rrdtool. It works well with
high traffic DNS servers.

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