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qlipper is a lightweight cross-platform clipboard history applet. It keeps clipboard history including stuff like sticky items, global keys, etc.

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操作系統: Linux, Windows, OS/2
程式語言: C++
使用者介面: Qt
最後更新: 2002-07-04 16:08


phpMyCMS lets you manage your content for intranets or Web sites with ease. All content is managed by a database backend (Oracle or MySQL) and shown with a PHP template system. It also has an intelligent navigation system.

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最後更新: 2003-02-24 03:59


Ccdoc is a Javadoc-inspired tool that
automatically generates HTML Web documentation
from C++ programs by parsing the source file
headers. It was designed to aid the collaboration
between package users and package developers. It
runs on FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and
Windows (98, 2k, Me, and XP).

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最後更新: 2004-01-28 14:25


tavrasm is an assembler for the Atmel AVR series of microcontrollers. It compiles code written for Atmels AVR DOS assembler. Other features include macros in macros, 'C' escape characters in char/string literals.

最後更新: 2004-06-24 02:31

Invisionix Roaming System Remote

The Invisionix Roaming System Remote (IRSR) is a
new metasystem which provides its users with a
personal PC capability that operates in a
distributed WAN environment. The metasystem is
built with PHP, Javascript, and MySQL. The IRSR is
a personal, general purpose, and modular mobile PC
system, built by integrating existing Open Source

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最後更新: 2013-04-25 09:04

Peg Solitaire

Peg Solitaire is a board game played with pegs: in the classic mode, the board has 33 positions and 32 tokens because the center position is without form. The objective of Peg Solitaire is to remove the pegs but only with horizontal and vertical movements. It is also known as English peg solitaire or Senku. In the reverse modes, initially there is only one piece on the board.

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自然語言: Catalan, English, Portuguese, Spanish
操作系統: Linux, Windows, OS/2
程式語言: C++
使用者介面: Qt
最後更新: 2008-01-21 13:29

Turquoise SuperStat

Turquoise SuperStat reads the contents of a Fidonet message area in one of its supported formats or Usenet news groups and creates toplists over massive quoters, senders, original content per message, Fidonet nets (Fidonet only), Internet topdomains, receivers (Fidonet only), subjects, and used software, as well as graphs over posting by weekday and time of day. It supports Squish, *.MSG, FDAPX/w, JAM, MyPoint, and tanstaafl's message area base format, as well as Usenet news groups over NNTP or in news spools. Command line and GUI versions are included.

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最後更新: 2002-12-22 20:27


TVShow is a platform-independent software package
for searching, managing, and recording television
shows. It consists of a Java Swing front-end for
searching and managing the listings, using a SOAP
service. The backend format is XMLTV.

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最後更新: 2004-07-12 08:56


The calc command may be used to do simple integer calculations or to convert
numbers from one radix to another. Calc reads commands from stdin and prints
the result to stdout. The inpout radix for mumbers may be decimal (default),
octal (if starting with a '0') or hexadecimal (if starting with "0x"). The
output is always printed in four radices: decimal, octal, hexadecimal, and
binary. The decimal variant is printed in both signed and unsigned
representation. The result is printed in two variants using 32 bit and 64 bit
repesentations for the numbers.

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最後更新: 2004-04-17 00:55


MemoDisx is a Web-based application that catalogues the
contents of CDs in a database and allows various kinds of
searches. It stores not only the names of directories and files,
but can also look inside archive files (typically *.zip, *.tar, *.tgz,
*.tar.gz, and *.tar.bz2).

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最後更新: 2003-01-05 17:28


Rexx/Wrapper enables Rexx programs to be wrapped
within a native executable program. The source is
optionally encrypted and compressed, but can be
recovered if the key that was used to wrap the
original program is known. Rexx/Wrapper is not a
Rexx compiler.

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日本Courierユーザ会 (Japan Courier Users Group) は、電子メールサーバスイーツCourierの日本ユーザ会で、日本国内のユーザの情報交換と、日本語ロケールにおける快適な電子メール環境の構築を目指し、活動を行います。


最後更新: 2012-04-15 21:03


Peces is a program to play the traditional
Tangram, a game of Chinese origin. It consists of
constructing shapes with some polygonal pieces.
Traditionally, the game has seven pieces, but
there are also variations with 5 pieces, 14
pieces, and others.

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最後更新: 2005-08-19 07:23

IceBearSoft Perl Package with LinkChecker

IceBearSoft Perl Package with LinkChecker provides
several Perl modules. One of them is LinkChecker,
which is a CGI script enabling verification of
links on Web pages using any browser as a GUI. The
modules are required by LinkChecker.

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最後更新: 2014-04-04 13:16


METAXPON ("Metachron" in Greek letters) is a small and fast audio DSP library for time-scale manipulation of 16-bit integer or 32-bit floating point stereo audio data streams. It employs a rigid phase-locked vocoder with dedicated transient detection and processing, and can work in real-time or non-real-time. Four editions are included - a portable edition and three x86 editions. The portable edition can be built with any ANSI C compiler and is OS- and architecture-independent. The three x86 editions are written in assembly using the FPU, 3DNow!, and SSE instruction sets, respectively, with automatic selection between them depending on the CPU capabilities. They can be compiled with MASM, JWASM, or NASM, producing libraries of object files in 8 formats.

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