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Logic File System

The Logic File System enables the user to access
files through an additionnal mountpoint, /lfs,
where powerful logic queries can be issued and
navigation can be done through different
dimensions, like date, size, or extension. For
instance, LFS allows the user to perform the
following commands in the shell: "cd
/lfs/ext:mp3|ext:ogg/year:1973/genre:Disco/" and
"ls artist:BeeGees/ artist:DonnaSummer/

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cvsfs4hurd is a translator for the GNU Hurd which
allows a user to "mount" a CVS module into the
local filesystem. It allows the user to view
version controlled files as if they were regular
files on disk. Either the CVS pserver or the
:ext:-way method is used to connect.

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Magnus Project

Magnus Project is an attempt to create a fully functional desktop framework, running as a native operating system. The main goal is to reach state-of-the art security through a bug-free environment.

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