[Mingw-users] Extract tar in windows ?

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Sergio NNX sfhac****@hotma*****
Thu Apr 19 01:08:50 JST 2018

> I first thought I can use the extracted toolchain in native windows not inside cygwin or

> virtualbox etc.

I have used neither cygwin nor virtualbox! Once extracted, you can use the file on whatever OS or system you use.

> I thought that it is a matter of extracting the compressed toolchain (specific version, not the
> latest) in windows, seems that I was wrong.

It sounds odd (not to say embarrassing) that we do not know how to unzip or untar a single file!

> the xz you showed is not running inside windows but in a tool.
> I hope I had explained myself beyter this time.
Which tool are you refering to?
Check the meaning of the word 'ambiguity'. This is the MinGW users list!

Have a look at the new attachment.

Should you require more assistance, do not hesitate to contact me.

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