[Mingw-users] What is the right substitute for _fseeki64 / _ftelli64 for xp targets?

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Keith Marshall keith****@users*****
Wed Apr 18 03:48:45 JST 2018

On 17/04/18 15:38, Keith Marshall wrote:
> Hmm.  Some playing with this reveals another anomaly, which may arise
> when using _lseeki64() to emulate _fseeki64(): if we call _telli64(),
> before reading any input from the stream, then the reported position
> is zero, but _ftell() reports this position as *one*.  I suspect the
> same disparity may arise, between _fseeki64() and _lseeki64().

Belay that!  The apparent discrepancy arose due to my own error:

  printf( "@%" PRId64 ": %c\n", (int64_t)ftell( foo ), fgetc( foo ) );

offers no guarantees as to whether the ftell() or the fgets() will be
evaluated first.  Evaluating them in deterministic order, with a
sequence point between, confirms that all relevant functions process
file pointers consistently.


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