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SANE stands for "Scanner Access Now Easy" and is an application programming interface (API) that provides standardized access to any raster image scanner hardware (flatbed scanner, handheld scanner, video and still cameras, framegrabbers, etc.). The SANE standard is public domain and its discussion and development are open to everybody. The source code is written for UNIX (including Linux) and is available under the GPL, but commercial applications and backends are welcome. The package contains the libraries, net support, and scanimage. The X frontends xscanimage and xcam can be found in sane-frontends.

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2012-08-28 15:37

New backends were provided for kvs40xx (Panasonic KV-S40xx) and kodakaio (Kodak AiO ESP and Hero). Significant enhancements were made to several backends. 30 new scanner models are supported. V4L support was improved. Build improvements were made on multiple platforms. udev rules were improved. The software deskew algorithm was updated. Documentation was updated and bugs were fixed.
標籤: Major feature enhancements, Stable

2011-02-14 15:54

New backends were added for kvs20xx (Panasonic KV-S20xx) and magicolor (Konica-Minolta). Significant enhancements were made to several backends. More than 80 new scanner models are supported. Many more networked scanners are supported. The -A option was added to scanimage. The build system was improved. USB support was improved. The udev rules were improved. Documentation updates were made. Bugs were fixed.
標籤: Major feature enhancements, Stable

2010-04-26 12:23

New backends: kodak (Kodak i18xx), kvs1025 (Panasonic KV-S10xx), and p5 (Primax PagePartner). 224 more scanner models are supported. Many backends have been updated. Improved compilation on uncommon platforms. More consistent option naming.
Scanimage no longer writes image to TTY. A modern translation infrastructure. An improved saned network daemon. Internal SCSI, USB, threading, TCP, and UDP code updates. Updated HAL and udev support. A new sanei_magic image processing library. Documentation updates. Bugfixes.
標籤: Major feature enhancements, Stable

2009-05-04 12:53

This release adds four new backends: canon_dr (Canon DR-series), coolscan3 (Nikon LS & Coolscan), rts8891 (Umax & HP 44xx), and xerox_mfp (Samsung/Xerox/Dell MFPs). It updates most of the existing backends. 75 more scanner models are supported, including several stand-alone networked units. There is a new build system and Avahi support. HAL and udev support are updated, particularly with SCSI scanners. Improved saned configuration for use with firewalls. Epson and coolscan2 backends are deprecated; use epson2 and coolscan3 respectively. There are numerous bugfixes, updates, and enhancements.
標籤: 1.0.20

2008-02-12 11:28

New backends were implemented: cardscan (Corex Cardscan 800c), epjitsu (Epson-based Fujitsu), epson2 (various Epson scanners), hp3900 (HP ScanJet 3970 and more), hp5590 (HP ScanJet 5590 and more), hpljm1005 (HP LaserJet M1005 and more), and hs2p (Ricoh IS400 series). Dozens of backends were updated. Scanimage now detects more chipsets. Internal SCSI, USB, TCP, and UDP code updates were made. Basic HAL .fdi creation support was added. The build system was updated. Translations and documentation were updated. Bugs were fixed.
標籤: Stable, Major feature enhancements

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