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Ice is a modern alternative to object middleware such as CORBA or COM/DCOM/COM+. It is easy to learn, yet provides a powerful network infrastructure for demanding technical applications. It features an object-oriented specification language, easy to use C++ and Java mappings, a highly efficient protocol (including protocol compression), asynchronous method invocation and dispatch, dynamic transport plug-ins, TCP/IP and UDP/IP support, SSL-based security, a firewall solution, and much more.

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Changes since version 2.0.0 include an
implementation of IceSSL for Java, support for
bi-directional connections without using a router,
a fast and lightweight new file patching service,
many performance improvements, easy RPM
installation for Linux, an improved Windows
installer, new binary distributions for Solaris,
AIX, HP-UX, Mac OS X, and numerous other
improvements and bugfixes.
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