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arch is a modern replacement for CVS, specifically
designed for the distributed development needs of
open source projects. It has uniquely good support
for development on branches (especially good
merging tools), distributed repositories (every
developer can have branches in their own
repository), changeset-oriented project management
(arch commits changes to multiple files at once),
and, of course, file and directory renaming.

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2006-07-20 23:10

* Fixes for Bugs 11731, 11701, 7502, 16334, 16539, 16538, and 16780. Enhanced support for several different SSH implementations. SHA1 checksums. Undo command specific file selection. Microsoft Windows NT FTP server support. commit and undo commands allow file exclusion with the -x option. library-dir has been added as an alias for my-revision-library, and archive-register as an alias for register-archive. Cygwin support and file name compression have been incorporated into tla proper. apply-delta now supports diff3 style merge (via the -t option). This release honors --skip-present for replay.
標籤: tla Stable, Minor bugfixes

2006-01-04 23:29

This release makes no changes to the underlying infrastructure of tla. The main changes are in the user interface, and the addition of convenience commands: tla lint, tla add, tla branch, tla diff (on multiple files and allowing diff options), tla export, tla switch, and tla tree-id to improve the usability of tla. There is also a "basic mode" help message to show just "basic" commands, useful for people new to tla. It is hoped that tla is now more pleasant to use. Bugfixes from Debian have been incorporated.
標籤: tla Stable, Minor feature enhancements

2005-08-05 22:08

This release lays a foundation for Arch 2.0, drawing on the best lessons
from Arch 1.x, monotone, git, and baz-ng. This is an Alpha release at
roughly the level of functionality of the first release of git.
標籤: revc, Initial freshmeat announcement

2005-05-03 03:41

This release fixes a number of minor bugs and adds initial support for
more extensive metadata support. People may find this version more
useful for controlling system binaries and configuration files.
標籤: tla Stable

2005-03-23 09:36

This release contains internal improvements, bugfixes, and
minor feature enhancements. The bundled version of
libneon has been replaced by a recent version.
標籤: tla Stable, Code cleanup

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