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ACDK is a development framework with a similar target of Microsoft's .NET or Sun's ONE platform, but it uses C++ as a core implementation language. It implements the standard library packages, including acdk::lang, acdk::lang::reflect, acdk::util, acdk::io, acdk::text (including regexpr), acdk::net, acdk::sql, acdk::xml, and more. Flexible allocator/garbage collection, threading, and Unicode are implemented in the core of ACDK. Extensions make C++ objects available for reflection, serialization, aspect-oriented class attributes, and Dynamic M ethod Invocation. This DMI acts as an universal object oriented call interface to connect C++ with scripting languages (Java, Perl, Tcl, Python, Lisp, Visual Basic, and VBScript) and standard component technologies (CORBA and COM).

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2005-05-10 13:25 Back to release list

This release improves overall performance, especially with the
execution of CfgScript scripts. Improvements and bugfixes
were made in string handling, localization, threading,
configuration, and build. Support for datagram sockets and
SSL streams including HTTPS URLs is added. A JDBC-like
desktop database based on SQLite and a remote method
invocation similar to RMI are introduced in this release. ACDK
now supports GCC 4.0, VC 8 (2005), and current releases of
wxWidgets and OpenSSL.
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