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OTRS is a platform independent Web-based help desk system that supports service organization of any kind (e.g. IT service, customer and technical product service, complaint management, public services, etc.) to increase their efficiency. It increases transparency as well as service quality and lowers your total cost of ownership. It has been certified ITIL V3 compatible by PinkVERIFY for incident, problem, change, service asset and configuration, request fulfillment, and knowledge management. Other ITIL processes like service catalog and service level management are supported as well.

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2009-06-12 00:13
2.4.0 beta3

An event-based notification management feature was added. This feature allows you to manage event-based notifications to agents, customers, and/or dedicated emails. Events like the creation of a ticket or article, state updates, closing of a ticket, queue updates and the notification content (including known OTRS-placeholders) can be flexibly configured using the Web-based administration interface. Various bugs were fixed.
標籤: minor bug fixes, enhancement

2009-05-18 18:58
2.4.0 beta2

This release provides some minor bugfixes and an updated Norwegian translation.
標籤: Beta, Minor, Bugfixes, Enhancements, new features

2009-04-23 19:27
2.4.0 beta1

The license was changed to the AGPL v3. A Management Dashboard and new reports are included. The Master/Slave feature allows multiple tickets of a similar nature to be linked and handled collectively. Tickets can be written in HTML format and can include inline pictures. A new "out-of-office" feature allows you to notify colleagues and OTRS of the period of your absence. To streamline ticket creation, AJAX-based auto-completion has been implemented in the customer search. New overviews allow personalization. An optimized attachment storage mechanism has been included. SMTPS is supported.

2009-03-03 23:57

Authorization assignment on objects was optimized. A structured view on services and CIs includes information on each object's status and allows you to analyze the incident's impact. CIs are assigned during the incident recording. A CI can be imported or exported in a CSV file or by using the API. A variety of additional reports have been created. of ITSM functionalities were reimplemented in AJAX technology to reduce reloads. A joint Object-Link mechanism has been implemented, covering the features from both former Object-Link mechanisms. Locations, formerly a CI class, are now integrated into the CI.
標籤: ::ITSM, Minor feature enhancements

2009-03-03 23:51

An escalation view has been added. Ticket-, customer-, and FAQ-search supports logical expressions, utilizing the AND, OR, ! operators as well as structuring expressions with "". The article view can be expanded to display all articles at once. More efficient reporting on escalations was added. Reloads were reduced by using AJAX technology. Database and code improvements were achieved. A new Support Assessment module is included, which allows you to check relevant installation and configuration settings. IMAP, IMAPS, and POP3S are supported to fetch email from an MTA.
標籤: Minor feature enhancements

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