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Unit Testing Framework for C and C++.Cutter's interface is easy to write, easy to debug your code and fun to run tests. (See the screenshot. You need "notify-send" command on Linux and *BSD or "growlnotify" command on Mac OS X for this feature.)

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發布 2019-09-17 13:25
cutter 1.2.7 (4 files 隱藏)


=== Cutter

==== Improvements

* [deb][ubuntu] Dropped support for Ubuntu 14.04/17.04/17.10/18.10.
* [gstreamer] Restricted GStreamer 1.14 or later as non supported version explicitly.
* [deb][ubuntu] Added support for Ubuntu 18.04/19.04
* [homebrew] Added support for custom Homebrew path. In the previous versions,
/usr/local/share/aclocal was expected as Homebrew's aclocal path.
* [travis] Added macOS as CI target.
* [doc][tutorial] Added a description about OS that need DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH
[GitHub#41] [Patch by Douglas Lovell]
* [doc][tutorial] Updated an explanation about loading shared library.

=== cppcutter

==== Fixes

* Fixed returning invalid address because of wrong c_str() usage in Message class.
[GitHub#39][Reported by dcb314]

=== Thanks

* dcb314
* Douglas Lovell