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修訂. 時間 作者 訊息
e9c2d16 2017-06-14 01:45:11 ornse01 master add open/close system call
609253b 2017-06-14 01:26:43 ornse01 confirmation for interaction between C and ruby.
bed932b 2017-06-14 00:58:13 ornse01 add window id holder class.
573017e 2017-06-06 00:48:23 ornse01 add empty source files.
227b26d 2017-06-06 00:43:37 ornse01 initial commit


名稱 修訂. 時間 作者 訊息
master e9c2d16 2017-06-14 01:45:11 ornse01 add open/close system call

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