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49713c9 2019-07-07 20:55:18 ornse01 master update font setting
be213fe 2019-07-07 20:48:53 ornse01 add mozc-mode
0fa2bf6 2019-07-07 20:37:43 ornse01 add less-css mode
190f40f 2016-03-09 00:29:59 ornse01 fix comments. * fix typo * remove unused commented out
1b22704 2016-03-09 00:18:59 ornse01 add yasnippet package and my snippets for c-mode.
bf4f6a5 2016-03-08 23:17:11 ornse01 add some packages.
34a2ee5 2016-03-08 22:47:52 ornse01 install El-Get and use recipe for protobuf-mode.
fd97c8e 2016-03-08 22:34:13 ornse01 Import already used settings.


名稱 修訂. 時間 作者 訊息
master 49713c9 2019-07-07 20:55:18 ornse01 update font setting

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