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Plane wave DFT code for education


Fermisurfer can display Fermi surfaces colored as a function of arbitraly quantities such as the orbital character. Manual in English( HTML / PDF ) 日本語マニュアル( HTML / PDF ) Forum


Libtetrabz is a library which parform efficiently the Brillouin-zone integration in the electronic structure calculation in a solid by using the tetrahedron method. Manual in English( HTML / PDF ) 日本語マニュアル ( HTML / P...




BBS for scientific discussion. It has the following features: Tex formula Free-hand schematic illustration Display JPEG, PNG, GIF, MPEG, etc. Attach files such as PDF.

Superconducting Toolkit

SuperconductingToolkit is a package for computing the superconducting poperties based on the density functional theory for superconductors (SCDFT).