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Reference Documentation: PDF Publishing with GNU Troff

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修訂2eaeb060eea06c5004ac4f4f5c237e0ec559cf33 (tree)
時間2021-12-21 03:51:59
作者Keith Marshall <keith@user...>
CommiterKeith Marshall

Log Message

Describe explicit pdfhref annotation capability.

* pdfmark.ms (Section Add content; show, by example, how
text within a link "hot-spot" may be explicitly specified at time of
link placement.

Change Summary


diff -r 1c0c718c41ec -r 2eaeb060eea0 pdfmark.ms
--- a/pdfmark.ms Wed Dec 15 16:16:24 2021 +0000
+++ b/pdfmark.ms Mon Dec 20 18:51:59 2021 +0000
@@ -2665,6 +2665,53 @@
26652665 .
26662666 .NH 4
26672667 .XN -N user-format -- Specifying Reference Text Explicitly
2669+Although the
2670+.pdfhref L -D set-colour -- use of colour
2672+and/or borders around,
2673+.CW pdfhref
2674+link \%\(lqhot\(hyspot\(rq regions may be considered
2675+to be a necessary visual indication of the location
2676+of such \%\(lqhot\(hyspots\(rq,
2677+for users of \%on\(hyscreen\(rq PDF readers,
2678+such visual indicators alone are insufficient
2679+to convey any necessary information regarding the context
2680+to which the link refers;
2681+neither do they offer any particular benefit
2682+to readers of documents in printed \%hard\(hycopy formats.
2683+To address these limitations,
2684+it is necessary to specify appropriate text
2685+within each \%\(lqhot\(hyspot\(rq region,
2686+to identify the link context.
2688+Depending on the type of contextual information,
2689+which it is desired to include
2690+within any link \%\(lqhot\(hyspot\(rq region,
2691+.CW groff 's
2692+.CW pdfmark
2693+macro suite provides a variety of mechanisms
2694+to specify it;
2695+the simplest of these
2696+is to simply specify the desired text
2697+.EM explicitly ,
2698+at the point of insertion of the reference.
2699+For example,
2700+given that the
2701+.pdfhref L -D set-colour -P \(lq -A \(rq -- use of colour
2703+in the initial paragraph of
2704+'ne 3u*\n[PD]u+4v
2705+.pdfhref L -D user-format -A , -- this section
2706+points to a destination named by mark up similar to:\(en
2708+.CW ".pfdhref M -X -N \%set-colour -- ..."
2710+the reference text was specified explicitly,
2711+(ignoring recorded location information),
2712+using the mark up:\(en
2714+.CW ".pdfhref L -D set-colour -- use of colour"
26682715 .
26692716 .NH 4
26702717 .XN -N auto-format -- Using Automatically Formatted Reference Text