PDK 4.0.a

This is the Product Development Kit for Symbian version 4.0.a

Release Files

PDK_4.0.a-src.7z389.18 k2022-01-04 04:04:044
epl-v10.html12.34 k2022-01-04 04:03:556
binaries_armv5_udeb.7z.zip67.05 M2022-01-04 04:03:355
binaries_armv5_urel.7z.zip42.21 M2022-01-04 04:03:164
binaries_rom_images.7z.zip2.01 M2022-01-04 04:01:393
binaries_armv5_lib.7z.zip1.39 M2022-01-04 04:01:123

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