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Windows DLL exported symbols listing utility

修訂. 時間 作者
df99146 master 2015-09-08 21:45:52 Keith Marshall

Added tag v0_47 for changeset be3d231ad8ea

819d4fe v0_47 2015-09-08 21:44:40 Keith Marshall

Prepare, tag, and publish 0.47 release.

466c07d 2015-09-08 06:00:26 Keith Marshall

Avoid uint32_t difference overflow in 64-bit pointer adjustment.

76ec49c 2015-09-08 05:19:27 Keith Marshall

Eliminate Microsoft inspired obfuscated typedef insanity.

47e0c86 2013-05-31 05:15:48 Keith Marshall

Prepare, tag, and publish 0.46 release.

6595f89 v0_46 2013-05-31 05:15:16 Keith Marshall

Prepare, tag, and publish 0.46 release.

06429d0 2013-05-31 05:07:47 Keith Marshall

Assemble licence and documentation tarballs for distribution.

4888aed 2009-09-15 14:06:00 Keith Marshall

Unpublished release.

d2c3086 2013-05-30 07:16:30 Keith Marshall

Force a remake, on package version updates.

a504d2b 2013-05-30 07:11:14 Keith Marshall

Update program identification, via configuration process.

00d1bf6 2013-05-30 06:07:07 Keith Marshall


1e11d15 2013-05-30 01:08:10 Keith Marshall

Integrate build-aux utilities as a submodule.

11f21e8 2013-05-28 21:17:56 Keith Marshall

Designate files which mercurial should not track.

546df9f 2013-05-28 21:15:07 Keith Marshall

Correct some obfuscated typedef portability issues.

f60a4c6 2011-09-15 05:07:54 Keith Marshall

Avoid segmentation faults in forwarder function checks.

59648a7 v0_45 2009-09-15 15:05:46 Charles Wilson

Slight build improvements

dcffcff 2009-09-15 14:47:54 Charles Wilson

Package 0.44-1-mingw32 fixes

0ec50ab v0_44 2009-09-15 14:38:43 Charles Wilson

Forgot Makefile

156bd26 2009-09-15 14:37:54 Charles Wilson

Import Tor Lilqvist 0.44 release

907e82c mingw_utils_v0_3 start v0_43 2009-09-15 12:32:56 Charles Wilson

Initial import from mingw-utils-0.3