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File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
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TFTP Server

TFTP Server is a multi-threaded TFTP server,
allowing any number of clients to connect
simultaneously. It supports tsize, blksize, and
interval options, PXE boot, and can be run
standalone or as a daemon. Port ranges can be
specified to work across firewalls. There is also
a single port version, for situations where
additional ports cannot be opened.

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最後更新: 2003-02-05 02:18


Jetty is an Open Source HTTP Servlet Server written in Java. It is a full featured HTTP/1.1 server and a Servlet container. It is designed to be small, fast, embeddable and extensible. It supports HTTP/1.1, servlets 2.3, and JSP 1.2.

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最後更新: 2005-03-17 11:29


Pavuk is a Web grabber with an optional GTK GUI, and optional support for downloading with multiple threads. It supports the HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTP via SSL, and Gopher protocols, as well as HTTP GET, and POST requests. It is capable of filling HTML forms while downloading HTML trees, and lets you mirror Web documents for local browsing. You can even synchronize changes to these documents. Recent versions also support processing of Javascript patterns in HTML pages. Pavuk have JavaScript bindings that allow writing of own scripts to perform special tasks.

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最後更新: 2004-08-12 21:01


BIE (Business Integration Engine) is an open source integration system that makes it easy for organizations to exchange data with external trading partners regardless of their native applications. It competes in the same space as applications like Microsoft BizTalk except that it is truly cross-platform since it written in Java.

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最後更新: 2001-10-26 06:40


fk is an application proxy suite designed for building IP gateways. Ultimately, the intent is to provide a free software replacement for the TIS firewall toolkit.

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最後更新: 2012-07-10 00:55


JFTP is a graphical FTP client that allows you to transfer files securely over the Internet using FTP and SFTP. It includes support for all basic and advanced FTP tasks, support for SSL with 128-bit encryption, multiple concurrent FTP sessions, a secured favorites manager, and a certificate manager. Internationalization and localization is fully supported, and multiple deployment options are available, including standard installation, a Java Applet, and Java Web Start.

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最後更新: 2012-02-28 01:38


recls is a multi-platform recursive filesystem
searching library. It presents a C API with
mappings to C++, COM, D, Java, Python, and Ruby.

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最後更新: 2004-08-10 04:37


ftpcopy is a small mirror-like utility to copy files or directory trees with FTP. ftpcopy understands EPLF and traditional listing formats.

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最後更新: 2010-01-04 09:00


tnftp (formerly known as lukemftp) is a port of the NetBSD FTP client to other systems. It offers many enhancements over the traditional BSD FTP client, including command-line editing, command-line fetches of FTP and HTTP URLs (including via proxies), command-line uploads of FTP URLs, context-sensitive word completion, dynamic progress bar, IPv6 support, modification time preservation, paging of local and remote files, passive mode support (with fallback to active mode), SOCKS support, TIS FWTK gate-ftp server support, and transfer rate throttling. tnftp is the default FTP client found in FreeBSD, MacOS X, NetBSD, and SuSE Linux.

最後更新: 2010-07-12 22:16

Event Horizon

Event Horizon (EVH) is a Web-based application
which facilitates the secure transfer of files.
Originally designed to replace FTP transfers, EVH
currently allows uploads via HTTP and can also
handle files uploaded via FTP. All file uploads
are assigned an expiration period, after which the
file is permanently removed from the system. This
allows for automatic cleanup as well, keeping the
underlying filesystem in tip-top shape.

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最後更新: 2002-08-14 08:13


GTransferManager (gtm) allows the user to retrieve multiple files from the Web. These files can be retrieved in multiple parts, and each part retrieved on a separate session when the user is connected to the Internet. This is most useful to users with dialup connections. The program performs these tasks using wget as its backend.

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最後更新: 2013-03-24 12:03


tnftpd is a port of the NetBSD FTP server to other systems. It offers many enhancements over the traditional BSD ftpd, including per-class configuration directives via ftpd.conf(5), RFC 2389 and draft-ietf-ftpext-mlst-11 support, IPv6, transfer rate throttling, and more. tnftpd was formerly known as lukemftpd, and earlier versions are present in Mac OS X 10.2 (as ftpd) and FreeBSD 5.0 (as lukemftpd).

最後更新: 2003-03-19 06:05

Proteus EAI Toolkit

Proteus is a toolkit for message-based Enterprise Application Integration. It includes adapters that allow databases, message queues, FTP servers, email, and other message sources and sinks to be addressed in a simple, uniform fashion. It also includes a simple but very capable message broker. The broker allows routing and transformation of messages from and to all the sources and sinks for which adapters exist. Transformations may be custom-written in Java or XSLT (the broker uses Xalan as its XSLT transformation engine).

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最後更新: 2002-10-01 00:40

Java Forward Error Correction Library

Java Forward Error Correction (FEC) Library is the fastest and most mature Java FEC library available (FEC is an essential building block of any satellite or IP multicast based content distribution system). It features: Fast multi-threaded I/O routines for encoding and decoding files; Native Linux, Solaris, and Win32 accellerators with pure Java fallback; and an FEC codec plugin interface. Cryptograhic hashes can be used for checking file integrity.

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最後更新: 2007-02-10 02:44


net2ftp is a Web-based FTP client, offering
standard FTP client functionality using a browser.
Users can also zip files, email them in
attachments, edit code in their browser, or view
code with syntax highlighting. Configuration
options: restrict the access to one FTP server;
ban IP addresses or FTP servers; set a daily
consumption limit; and 3 kinds of logging. It
works under PHP's Safe Mode. MySQL is optional
(only required for logging and consumption

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