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Voisin is a social networking and group
collaboration platform. It's a complete Enterprise
2.0 solution that combines all of the technologies
you need to implement Enterprise 2.0 best
practices in order to help your work force realize
the full benefit of social collaboration and
knowledge sharing as they work to achieve group
goals. It is based on the OpenEdit Framework.

(Machine Translation)
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grindr is a set of various utilities to enhance Web productivity. It provides tools to interact with Web sites, RSS feeds, and instant messaging. Munchr is a simple RSS parser which can collect data from restricted Web sites, and this data is routed to nbox. nbox is a small GUI display for all collected information. Posting information is done by feedr, which takes a set of parameters and values and submits it to the appropriate Web service. gaskr provides a GUI to prepare data for feedr. Initial configuration for gaskr is prepared by bildr, which can log onto sites and scrape all form data from HTML content.