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DocMiner for Subversion

DocMiner is a Web client component for browsing Subversion repositories. It's very easy to deploy and configure (a universal installation wizard is available for Windows and Linux). It supports revision graphs, code highlighting, user statistics, and much more. Its UI and functionality are quite close to TortoiseSVN, so it is very friendly for new users. It also unifies the document concept by providing publishing and comparing features for all documents regardless the format, including MS Office, PDF, and

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SVN のアクセス マネージャーは subversion リポジトリへのアクセスを管理するための強力なツールです。ツールは、ユーザーおよびグループ管理とアクセス権 (読み取り/書き込み) を同様のリポジトリに専用のパスを提供します。

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最後更新: 2009-03-22 09:19


Marsh is an interactive command line utility for
browsing and manipulating a Subversion repository.
A cross between tools like ViewVC and lftp, Marsh
makes it easy to locate and check out a subproject
or perform complex server-side changes. Users of
the Subversion command line tool can move
immediately to Marsh due to the common command

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最後更新: 2010-02-16 05:50


scord reduces the disk space used by a Subversion
working copy by storing only a single copy of
unmodified files.

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IF.SVNAdmin アプリケーションは、web ベースの GUI を Subversion 承認ファイルに。それは、PHP 5.3 に基づいており、web サーバー (Apache など) をインストールする必要があります。(+ LDAP 統合; 必要なデータベースはありません)

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最後更新: 2007-08-12 18:38


svncommit_hook.php was written to address the
numerous problems with the script
which is bundled with subversion. Email messages
sent by this script are sent as multipart messages
with each diff in its own part. All of the parts
are sent as nicely formatted HTML. It is possible
to specify the charset of the files in the
repository (the default is still UTF-8). Diffs are
displayed only for the modified files. Diffs are
colored. PHP files are validated with "php -l". It
is possible to specify the URL of a corresponding
Trac-resource, and the links to the files will be
automatically included in the email.

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最後更新: 2008-01-21 22:36


Quixml is a PHP class for managing XML output and
associating an XSL stylesheet. It is intended to
exploit a perfect separation between logic and
presentation layers.

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最後更新: 2019-04-10 20:23

TortoiseSVN Add-In for Delphi

デルファイのためには、TortoiseSVN 追加した Delphi アドインで TortoiseSVN の ( で

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最後更新: 2015-04-24 11:45


sdSVN は、Subversion (SVN) クライアント GUI WinCVS Java で書かれたようなアプリケーション フレームワークのスイングと SVNKit を使用してです。

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最後更新: 2012-02-27 21:25


!TracExplorer は、Edgewall の Trac サーバーのための統合ソフトウェアです。Visual Studio Trac 統合 Addin には TortoiseSVN bugtraq 統合が含まれます。

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最後更新: 2006-10-10 00:56


Antmod is a build management, release
management, and repository management
tool. Its implementation is an Ant-based
extensible engine for retrieving, versioning,
building, and deploying code to and from
Subversion or CVS. It standardizes build files
for Java projects and provides build plugins for
various tasks. It also standardizes tagging
and branching for both CVS and Subversion,
and its module and repository management
can also be used for non-Java projects. It
greatly speeds up Java software
development, promotes reuse of Java
software, and standardizes the build-test-
release cycle.

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最後更新: 2018-01-09 08:36

Java ARINC 661 Server

このプロジェクトは、一般的な CD (または ARINC 661 サーバー)、ARINC 661 標準、プロトタイプ ARINC 661 概念、アーキテクチャなどの理解を促進するために Java 言語ではコード化された提供しています。このプロジェクトは、ダッソーの航空によって管理されます。

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最後更新: 2007-01-05 18:26

OCI wrappers

OCI wrappers are a set of classes that create a thin abstraction layer over plain Oracle Call Interface calls. They aim to be programmer-friendly and isolate evil OCI internals, while leaving the full power of SQL and variable binding.

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最後更新: 2005-12-04 04:55


SvnReporter generates various reports in response to commits happening in a Subversion repository. It is intended to be called from the post-commit hook. Two types of reports are supported: single-event and event list reports. The former generate reports relative to the current commit only, and are typically used to generate post-commit mails. The latter generate reports relative to a list of commits, e.g. an RSS feed or a Web page showing the latest commits. Reports can be restricted to certain criteria, specified by a list of regular expressions. The format of the reports can be defined with a template.

最後更新: 2006-04-13 01:45


svndumpalter is a utility to alter Subversion
repository dump files. It is similar in concept to
svndumpfilter, except that it can perform much
more powerful manipulations on the data. It is
useful for migrating projects between
repositories, cleaning up existing repositories,
and so on.

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