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Open Computer Vision Libraryには、リアルタイムなコンピュータビジョンのための500個以上のアルゴリズム、文書、およびサンプルコードがあります。チュートリアル文書はO'Reilly Bookにあります:Learning OpenCV

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Modbus for Java

Serotonin Software社によってJavaで書かれた高性能かつ操作が容易なModbusプロトコル実装です。ASCII, RTU, TCP, UDPトランスポート(スレーブもしくはマスター)、自動リクエストパーティショニング、データタイプ分割への対応などをサポートします。

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Autonomous Robot Simulator

アルスは、移動マニピュレーターとマルチボディ システムの研究と開発のオープン ソースの物理的に正確なシミュレーションのスイートです。モジュールは、簡単に学べるし、使用, ロボットの設計、制御と推論アルゴリズムの開発と教育と教育活動の過程で貴重なツールをすることができます。キネマティクスとダイナミクスのシミュレーションからロボットのインタ フェースと制御にまたがるツールの広い範囲を包含します。ソフトウェアは、オープン ダイナミクス エンジン (ODE) と可視化ツールキット (VTK) を統合する Python で実装されます。Http:// での ARS のデモのビデオを見る。アルス インストールできます抽出後、単純なコマンドを実行する、要件が満たされている提供。Ubuntu は、全体のプロセスはさらに簡単に: 詳細については「アルス インストール-Ubuntu.txt」を読みます。

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表示、記録および URG センサー データを再生するための便利なツール。センサーは北陽電機 (株) 製します。

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openTCS is a platform-independent transportation control system (TCS) intended to control automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), but which can be used to steer virtually any (track-guided) vehicle. It consists of an abstract kernel which implements replaceable algorithms and strategies (computation of routes, dispatching of orders to vehicles, scheduling of resources, etc.), pluggable vehicle drivers which implement communication protocols, and a graphical frontend for creating and visualizing logical models of areas the vehicles are moving in.

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mega 128とWinAVR-20080610で開発された、A/D変換、(Chanによる)高速フーリエ変換、そして信号とFFTの結果を液晶(128 × 64)に表示するデモです。

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Critterding is a "Petri dish" universe in 3D that demonstrates evolving artificial life. Critters start out with completely random brains and bodies, but will automatically start evolving into something with much better survival skills.

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peekabot is a versatile 3D visualization tool
targeted at robotics researchers and developers.
It's multi-platform, general purpose, easily
extendable, scalable, and does not depend on any
other frameworks to function. It also provides
some functionality for interacting with your
robots using the GUI. You can test your algorithms
in both simulated and real environments. The only
requirement is that the device can use TCP/IP.

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Urbi is a robotics software platform. It includes a C++/Java middleware API called UObject to interface components such as motors, cameras, and algorithms, and an innovative scripting language, urbiscript, with built-in support for parallel and event-based programming, used to write high-level behaviors and orchestrate the interactions between components. UObject components are built as shared libraries exposed as native objects within urbiscript, and either hot-plugged in a running Urbi engine, or started as a remote autonomous process communicating with the engine via the network. At any time, new urbiscript code can be sent to a running Urbi engine via a simple telnet, to introspect the state of components, modify existing code, or add new behaviors. Urbi is cross-platform and supports several robots (Gostai Jazz, Lego Mindstorms, Aldebaran Nao, Segway RMP, Spykee, Bioloid, etc.) and a simulator (Webots).

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WowWee Robotics社のRSMediaロボットを動作させるオープンソースのファイル/プログラムのシリーズです。USBシリアルコンソール、クロスコンパイラ、ファームウェアダンププログラムなどが含まれています。

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FORTH for TI MSP430FRxxxx, 16MHz, 5 Mbds terminal + macro assembler + conditional compiler in just 6 kb! With Teraterm you download and compile sources file up to 120 kb/s; add SD Card FAT16/32 driver...

Development Status: 6 - Mature
操作系統: Windows
程式語言: Assembly, Forth
使用者介面: Console/Terminal
Register Date: 2018-09-25 23:25
最後更新: 2009-04-28 17:17


RobOptim is a generic optimization framework for robotics. It provides a front-end for different non-linear solvers such as IPOPT or CFSQP.

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ARS (Autonomous Robot Simulator) is a physically-accurate simulation suite for research and development of mobile manipulators and, in general, any multi-body system. It is modular, easy to learn and use, and can be a valuable tool in the process of robot design, in the development of control and reasoning algorithms, and in teaching and educational activities. It will encompass a wide range of tools spanning from kinematics and dynamics simulation to robot interfacing and control.

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OpenCog is an Open Source software project aimed at directly confronting the AGI challenge, based on mathematics and using biologically inspired algorithms, including algorithms for common-sense reasoning and machine learning. Components include natural language processing and speech generation, robotics, game control, and vision.

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Beneath A Binary Sky

Beneath A Binary Sky is an engine that simulates a world in which robots controlled by programs can live, work, fight, and even bear new children. The long-term goal of the project is to create a fully configurable engine that can simulates any kind of world, from simple to complex ones with many rules and events.

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