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最後更新: 2008-05-07 01:22

IpMsg for KDE (kipmsg)

IP MessengerのKDE版です。ファイル添付やメッセージ暗号化をサポートしています。

Development Status: 3 - Alpha
目標受眾: End Users/Desktop
自然語言: Japanese
操作系統: Linux
程式語言: C++
使用者介面: KDE
Register Date: 2006-11-08 00:44
最後更新: 2020-10-17 01:57

Ultimate Edition

「Ultimate Edition Linux」(旧名「Ubuntu Ultimate Edition」)。私たちは、ゲーマーや低性能のコンピューターを含む(しかし、それらに限るわけではない) *nix ユーザーの大きな基盤に対して提供しています。概念的にはあらゆるユーザーに対して「Ultimate Edition」があります。

最後更新: 2006-03-26 05:11

Kaffeine Player

Kaffeine is a simple and easy to use media player
based on the xine-lib and full integrated in KDE3.
It supports drag and drop and provides an
editable playlist, a Konqueror plugin, a Mozilla plugin, OSD, and much more.

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最後更新: 2011-03-16 16:35


Smb4K is a SMB and CIFS (Windows) share browser
for KDE. It uses the Samba software suite to
access the SMB and CIFS shares of the local
network neighborhood. Its purpose is to provide a
program that's easy to use and has as many
features as possible.

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最後更新: 2005-04-29 13:54

Music Manager

Music Manager is a Konqueror plugin that lets you standardize the
filenames of your music files, guess information and set ID3 tags from
the file's name (this can be done to several files in one shot), rename
many selected files based on their ID3 tags, set ID3 tags in mass for
selected files with options for copying ID3s from other files and
leaving some ID3 fields untouched, rename _ to space and vice versa,
create HTML and text indexes of your collections (including total
playing time, etc., configurable through templates), create nice CD
covers with full listings of your music files (also configurable through
templates), and organize your music collection to create a CD.

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最後更新: 2002-01-17 18:14

KDE on Cygwin

The KDE on Cygwin project enables the KDE desktop on Windows. It is based on Cygwin (the POSIX emulation layer for Windows), XFree86, and Qt.

最後更新: 2008-04-13 08:11


SynCE-KDE is a PC / Windows CE connection
service application like ActiveSync. It consists of
three sub-projects: a full-featured KIOSlave for
browsing the PDA (RAPIP), a panel applet for
accessing the PDA (RAKI), and a daemon which
listens for PDA connections (VDCCM).

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最後更新: 2004-11-16 11:33


SuperKaramba is a tool that allows anyone to
easily create and run little interactive widgets
on a KDE desktop. Widgets are defined in a simple
text file and can be augmented with Python code to
make them interactive. Current widgets include
everything from simple news headline displays to
complete custom replacements for kicker, the KDE

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最後更新: 2002-12-20 13:07

SVG Icons

The SVG Icons project provides SVG icon themes for desktop environments, including KDE and GNOME. They provide high rendering quality due to anti-aliasing, and reduce the amount of disk space required.

最後更新: 2003-04-22 03:06


KMyIRC is an attempt to provide an IRC client for
KDE which is high-quality and easy to use, but not
bloated. It was created because it was felt that
the other KDE-based IRC clients were either not
user-friendly or burdened with features that are
not useful to the average IRC user.

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最後更新: 2007-07-17 11:05


Actualiza is a semi-automatic update program for apt-based systems. With a simple GUI, this apt front-end lets you manage the programs / components on your computer, and helps you to keep it updated by showing the available updates by means of an applet. It features a powerful progressive search engine, and a repository manager that allows you to add or remove repositories easily.

最後更新: 2003-12-26 09:20


TuxSaver is a 3D OpenGL screensaver for KDE. It shows Tux on an iceberg on the South Pole. It is possible to develop your own stories and 3D objects and add them to TuxSaver.

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最後更新: 2003-01-18 02:37


kbox allows users of KDE/kwin to use styles that are compatible with the popular Blackbox window manager. It is implemented as a kwin client/plugin and renders most Blackbox styles correctly. It also supports Fluxbox and Openbox styles.

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最後更新: 2003-09-29 19:04


Picwiz is a KDE wizard which resizes any number of image files. It adds a service menu in Konqueror so you can select image files and resize them in a few clicks.