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AWeather is a real-time weather data viewer designed for weather enthusiasts. AWeather is not a weather widget/dockapp that displays a pre-computed forecast. It is designed to be an easy to use program that integrates a variety of meteorological data in a simple unified interface.
Currently, AWeather only displays data provided by the United States National Weather Service.

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最後更新: 2010-04-25 17:13

Mr Filter

Mr Filter is an active filter design assistant. Electrical engineers can use it to design and simulate analog active filters.

最後更新: 2013-12-21 21:27


SpaceZero is a RTS 2D space combat game for two players over a network. The objective is to conquer the space, defeating all enemies. At the starting point, you have only one ship and one planet, but you have money to buy more ships to conquer more planets. All the ships can be controlled by the computer (automatic mode) or by the player (manual mode). You can easily change among your ships, controlling all of them independently.

最後更新: 2011-09-19 21:15


Inguma is a penetration testing and vulnerability research toolkit. The framework includes modules that discover hosts, gather information, fuzz targets, brute force user names and passwords and attempt exploits. While the current exploitation capabilities are limited, the program provides numerous tools for information gathering and target auditing.

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最後更新: 2012-02-17 02:30


Grits is a Virtual Globe library using GTK+ and OpenGL. It is used as the rendering engine for AWeather.

最後更新: 2015-11-24 16:11

Open Virtual Machine Tools

Open Virtual Machine Toolsプロジェクトは、ユーザの利便性と機能を改善するためのオープンソースの仮想化ユーティリティおよびドライバのスイートを提供しています。現在のところ、VMwareの下でのゲストOSとして動作します。

最後更新: 2005-06-18 06:16

Final Fantasy VI Save State Editor

ff6editは、ファイナルファンタジーVI (もしくはUSA版FFIII)のキャラクターのカスタマイズのために、ゲーム状態の保存と編集を可能にするプログラムです。C++で書かれ、GTK環境で動作します。

最後更新: 2009-05-08 04:07

Glade/Gtk+ for Windows

Glade 3のWindowsへの移植版です。 最新のバージョンには、GTK+ 2.16.0とlibxml 2.7.3を同梱したスタンドアロンのインストーラを含みます。 余分なインストーラやzipファイルは必要ありません。

最後更新: 2012-10-11 04:48

GTK+ for Windows Runtime Environment


最後更新: 2019-07-01 13:27

Scion Linux

'''NOTICE! : This project is on hold indefinitely. 18.3, based off of Ubuntu 18.04 worked great. Recent Ubuntu updates have made a mess of installations. Dozens of errors, overwritten customizations, and inability to boot, means almost starting over from scratch. I no longer have time to maintain such a project with this many issues. It is on hold, indefinitely. The final ISO of 18.3 will be uploaded, and that is all.
Scion Linux is a lightweight and easy to use Ubuntu-based distro. The ISO's live session may ask for username and password. The username is 'live' and the password is 'password'.[[br]][[br]]

'''IMPORTANT! Please read the [ Release Notes] for important information before using! [[br]][[br]]
To see what's actually going on now, what's been done, and what is left to do for the first stable release, click the [ Project Changelog here] [[br]][[br]]

Changelogs are available in the downloads section under each individual release.[[br]]
The forum is available for help under the "Communication" tab.

Development Status: 4 - Beta, 7 - Inactive
操作系統: Linux
程式語言: Python
Register Date: 2018-03-02 14:39
最後更新: 2019-01-31 08:20

Open Programmer

写真、dsPIC、AVR のマイクロ コント ローラー、およびシリアル eeprom の様々 な種類を含む、さまざまなデバイス、USB プログラマー

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最後更新: 2019-02-06 20:19


このプロジェクトは、コア パッケージにバンドルされていませんが、OpenCPN グラフのプロッターの様々 なプラグインをホストします。OpenCPN は、進行中または計画ツールとして使用するため、簡潔なグラフ プロッターとナビゲーション ソフトウェアを作成するフリーソフト (GPLv2) プロジェクトです。OpenCPN は、プログラムのテストと洗練の現実世界の条件を使用して、アクティブな船員のチームによって開発されました。

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最後更新: 2011-06-27 02:34


PyCAM generates toolpaths (GCode) for CNC machines out of 3D STL model files or 2D gravure contour files (SVG or DXF). The output of PyCAM can be imported into EMC2 or other machine controllers to direct the milling machine. PyCAM features different path generation strategies, cutter shapes, and post-processing options.

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最後更新: 2019-06-25 16:21


!JudoShiai は柔道大会を整理するためのプログラムのセットです。

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Database Environment: SQLite
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable
目標受眾: Developers, End Users/Desktop
自然語言: English, Finnish
程式語言: C, haXe
使用者介面: GTK+