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XINS is a technology used to define, create, and invoke remote APIs. XINS is specification-oriented. When API specifications are written (in XML), XINS will transform them to HTML-based documentation and Java code for both the client-side and the server-side. The communication is based on HTTP. XINS competes with the complex SOAP technology. Main design goals include simplicity, scalability, and testability. XINS is not only a specification technology, but also an application development framework. It offers transaction logging, unique log documentation, and active code generation.

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LemonLDAP::NG is a modular Web SSO based on Apache::Session modules. It simplifies the building of a protected area with a few changes in the application. It manages both authentication and authorization and provides headers for accounting, so you can have full AAA protection for your Web space. LemonLDAP::NG is a complete rewrite of LemonLDAP. All components needed to use it and to administer it are included in the tarball. However, all modules developed for LemonLDAP may not work with LemonLDAP::NG.

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PETALS is an ObjectWeb Java Business Integration
(JBI) platform. It provides lightweight and
packaged integration solutions, based on JSR-208
specifications, with a high focus on distribution
and clustering.

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Citrus Testframework

Citrus is a test framework written in Java that enables automated integration testing of message-based enterprise SOA applications. The tool can easily simulate surrounding systems across various transports and protocols (e.g. JMS, SOAP WebServices, HTTP, TCP/IP, etc.) in order to perform end-to-end use case testing. Citrus provides strong validation mechanisms for XML message contents and allows you to build complex testing logic such as sending and receiving messages, database validation, automatic retries, variable definitions, dynamic message contents, error simulation, and many more.

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Proxmox VE

Proxmox is a Debian-based bundle of OpenVZ, KVM, and a Web based management GUI. It supports high-performance container-based virtualization of Linux workloads, as well as lower performance KVM hardware assisted virtualization. It supports any hardware that the Linux kernel supports, and will permit live migration of running OSIs with shared storage configurations (DRBD, CIFS, NFS, etc.). It comes bundled with many virtual appliance templates (Drupla, Moodle, FreePBX, etc.) and generic OSI appliances (Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu), as well as a faculty for building arbitrary Linux based appliances. It can be used for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and virtual server infrastructure (VSI). It supports almost any x86/x64 OS in a KVM container and any Linux-based OS in OpenVZ.

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SoaBox lets you create a virtual version of your SOA environment.

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Ripcord is an PHP 5 XML-RPC server and client library with a very simple and easy to use API. You can create XML-RPC, (simplified) SOAP 1.1, and SimpleRPC clients with one call and then call RPC methods as if they were local methods of the client. You can create a server with one call, passing it any number of objects or classes whose methods it will publish and automatically document.

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Aniketos-SSVV (Aniketos Security Service Validation and Verification) provides a series of modules that work together to validate the security properties of a Web service composition. The package is given a selection of service compositions (provided in the form of BPMN processes with Web services bound to the service tasks), along with the security policy to be fulfilled. The package then performs various checks on the services to establish whether each composition satisfies the policy, returning an ordered list (ordered in terms of security) of the services that do. It forms part of the larger Aniketos project comprised of four packages in total.

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Secure Mobile Agents (SeMoA)

安全なモバイル エージェント (!SeMoA) プラットフォームは Java ベースのモバイル ソフトウェア エージェントの安全なランタイム環境を構成します。

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最後更新: 2008-08-20 06:35


MActor は、機能の統合をテストする拡張可能ツールです。それを促進することができます (JMS、HTTP、SOAP、TIBCO Rv、IBM MQ series およびファイル共有の XML のサポートは現在、ツールに同梱) 統合技術の範囲をテスト

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Database Environment: JDBC
Development Status: 4 - Beta
目標受眾: Developers
操作系統: OS Independent
程式語言: Java
使用者介面: Java Swing, Command-line
最後更新: 2006-03-11 01:11

MTOSI Reference Implementation


最後更新: 2018-03-13 20:29

JMEDS (Java Multi Edition DPWS Stack)

JMEDS は軽量、モジュラーであり、」デバイス プロファイルの Web サービス (DPWS)「java を使用するための拡張可能なソフトウェア フレームワーク ベースの環境。(例えば組み込みデバイス) に Java CLDC で実行される CDC、アンドロイドおよび SE プラットフォーム。25.09.2013 JMEDS フレームワークのバグ修正リリース: v2.0.0 ベータ 9a 30.08.2013 JMEDS Framework の新しいバージョン: v2.0.0 ベータ 9 我々 はあなたからのすべての質問に答えるし、見つかったバグの修正に最善を尽くしている我々 はできるだけ早く !質問またはことを見つけるかもしれない予期しない振る舞い/バグを報告することを躊躇しません。DPWS エクスプ ローラー発売

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最後更新: 2021-09-28 16:35

Portable UPnP SDK

ポータブル ユニバーサル プラグ アンド プレイ (UPnP) SDK はいくつかのオペレーティング システム上の UPnP 対応のコントロール ポイント、デバイス、および橋を構築するためのサポートを提供します。

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最後更新: 2007-10-31 21:12


WebLOAD オープン ソースの負荷生成エンジンは、!RadView ソフトウェアによって後援されるオープン ソースのプロジェクトです。このプロジェクトは、Isv 向け SIs とソフトウェア開発者アプリケーションに専門的な負荷生成エンジンを統合する必要があります。

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最後更新: 2010-05-28 05:16

Jitterbit - Open Source Integration

オープンソース統合ツール。プログラム設計、修正、テスト、決定といった処理を直感的に行う事が出来る。 XML, Webサービス、データベース、LDAP、テキストファイル、FTP、HTTP(S)など多くのの文書ドキュメントファイルおよびプロトコルをサポート。