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touchbase is a modular plugin-style groupware
framework based on the OSGi specification. Its
modules include link (bookmark) management and RSS
feed aggregation, but this could be expanded to
provide support for calendars, email, usenet,
contacts, notes, and IM.

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最後更新: 2009-03-02 01:39

Remote HellaNZB GUI

Remote HellaNZB GUI is a small GTK+ application to
control your HellaNZB daemon. It's well integrated
into your desktop. In a few clicks, you can manage
your remote (or local) queue: add NZB files from
your computer or from their ID, set
priorities, see the progress of your downloads,
etc. Unlike other similar projects, this one can
truly add NZB files from your computer to your
remote daemon; to do so, it copies them through
SSH. For Remote HellaNZB GUI to work you need a
running HellaNZB daemon; it does not configure it
for you.

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最後更新: 2009-03-22 23:38


YAJNGI (Yet Another Java NewsGroup Inspector) is a client-side service that allows you to keep tabs on a set of newsgroups without having to read constantly. You will be alerted only when the configuration finds your match. YAJNGI inspects a set of Usenet newsgroups using a perfect keyword, a regexp, or any phrases that you choose. It is multi-threaded and permits a different scan interval and actions for each group. It could be used to monitor newsgroups for your name, product, your favorite arguments, for downloading your favorite newest pictures or binary files, or any other topic of interest.

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最後更新: 2009-02-17 06:02


Sticker is a tickertape instant messaging and virtual presence client for the Elvin event routing service. It supports integrated virtual presence, multiple scrolling tickertapes, message processing rules, secure messaging, and full desktop integration on Windows.

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最後更新: 2005-11-26 23:12


spugnews is a Usenet binary grabber. It has a
simple command-line interface and the ability to
perform rudimentary subject line analysis to group
together articles that are part of the same file

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最後更新: 2006-07-06 11:05


tRSS is a MIDP RSS client. Users can read headlines from a number of news sites and have individual databases and feeds. It is readable by users and can be parsed by an XML parser. Users can reduce the duration of connection by separate online and offline parts.

最後更新: 2004-05-27 06:46


NAF is a set of administration programs for users,
newsgroups, and access control lists accompanying
a patched version of the INN news server with ACL

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最後更新: 2003-10-13 12:59


News::Web implements a full news-to-Web gateway
with virtually no administrator configuration,
hopefully allowing Usenet to be used as a Web
board. The framework is also open enough to be
easily usable by other projects.

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最後更新: 2007-01-19 11:43


newsq allows you to re-edit, view, delete, and
postpone messages in your outgoing news queue
after you've composed them but before you've
uploaded them to your remote server. It uses the
curses library to provide a powerful text-based
interface. News transports currently supported are
leafnode, s-news, sn (partial), slrnpull, and NNTP
servers in conjunction with a batch file such as
used by an INN/suck/rpost or INN/newsstar

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最後更新: 2007-02-26 17:10


NzbGui provides an easy way to control NzbGet
server throw a visual interface. It allows the
user to connect to the daemon remotely, and the
user can add new downloads, start/stop the daemon,
set the download rate, etc.

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最後更新: 2004-05-25 13:26


News::Archive is a Usenet news archiving package
for downloading and later accessing news articles
in bulk. It can load articles laid out in INN
format, retrieve them from a running news server,
or just take articles one-by-one. It is compatible
with News::Web and Net::NNTP::Server, so the
articles can be shared either via the Web or via NNTP.

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最後更新: 2005-08-23 16:53


NNTP クライアントを C# で書こうというプロジェクトです。
C# で書かれた NNTP クライアントはいくつかありますが、

Development Status: 1 - Planning
目標受眾: Developers, End Users/Desktop
自然語言: Japanese
操作系統: Windows
程式語言: C#
Topics: Usenet News
使用者介面: Win32 (MS Windows)
Register Date: 2005-07-08 17:04
最後更新: 2004-08-23 21:01

SWEEP - WEB Based NNTP front end


Development Status: 1 - Planning
目標受眾: Developers
自然語言: Japanese
程式語言: Java
Topics: Usenet News
使用者介面: Web Environment
Register Date: 2002-04-19 10:45
最後更新: 2015-08-25 07:35


Leafnode は、オンライン ニュース リーダーに読み込むニュース オフラインと集計ニュース様々 な NNTP サーバから 1 つをできるキャッシュ Usenet ニュース プロキシです。それは全自動メンテナンスのため、設計されており、IPv6 を有効に。

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最後更新: 2010-09-12 08:11

MicroPlanet Gravity

!MicroPlanet 重力は Windows XP、Vista および Win7 のためのフル装備の Usenet ニュース クライアント、ニュース リーダー、(32 ビットおよび 64 ビット)。使いやすいおよびバイナリ サポートと高度なカスタマイズ。また得点とフィルタ リングのルールを持つ高度なユーザーを提供します。

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