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Dolphin is a Nintendo GameCube, Wii, and Triforce emulator for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X (on Intel-based machines), it is the first emulator to successfully run commercial GameCube and Wii games, and is still the only emulator capable of running commercial Wii games.

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Marathon JP

Aleph One is an open-source descendant of Bungie's _Marathon 2_ first-person 3D shooting game. A1 plays Marathon 2, Infinity, and 3rd-party content on a wide array of platforms, with (optional) OpenGL rendering, Internet play, Lua scripting, and m...

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ulatencyd is a scriptable daemon which constantly optimizes the Linux kernel for best user experience. The default configuration tries reduce the latency for a typical desktop system and protects the system from malicious processes and groups. With a different configuration, all other types of systems can be adjusted as well.

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Turious is a cross-platform turn-based strategy game. It features dynamically generated maps, AIs that can be used with both online multi-player and single player modes, and 6 classes of civilian and military units. It uses the Rosethorn Game Library.

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MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench is a cross-platform, graphical database modeling tool for MySQL. It allows you to create database models from scratch as well as by importing existing databases from SQL or DBDesigner4 models. You can then generate SQL code to CREATE databases, ALTER them, and export in various image formats and PDF/PS. Its extension system allows writing plugins and scripts in Lua, Python, and C++.

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Stargate Atlantis Model Pack

スターゲイト: アトランティス モデルと sb_atlantis、Spacebuild 3、SGA のマップの開発をサポートするためにギャリーの Mod のための材料。

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Falling Block Game

Falling Block Game is a block-stacking game similar to Tetris. The timing and scoring are similar to the original Gameboy game, but the visuals and piece control are much improved.

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Suriwire is a plugin for Wireshark that displays Suricata generated alerts for a pcap file inside the Wireshark output. It adds the alerts to the packet details and in the expert info window. It also enables you to use signature fields as filtering items in Wireshark output.

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最後更新: 2012-07-05 01:56

Lua for IntelliJ IDEA

Lua for IntelliJ IDEA is a plugin that provides support for semantic aware editing of Lua language programs in IntelliJ IDEA. It includes many useful features such as code formatting, semantic identifier coloring, code inspection and refactoring, and much more.

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最後更新: 2012-01-29 18:55

Rumble Mail Server

ランブルはスクリプト用 SMTP (ESMTPSA)、HTTP、POP3、広範な C/C + +、Lua API と IMAP4v1 のメール サーバー スイートです。SSL/TLS、SQLite MySQL のサポートが付属しており、web ベースの管理および web メール機能。含まれている追加のモジュール機能グレーリストに登録、DNS ブラック リスト、!SpamAssassin サポートと動的パフォーマンス スケーリング構造と同様、マルチ スレッドを複数のサーバーの Lua API の使いやすさと、1 つまたはすべてのドメインのクラスター化可能にする、分以内にあなた自身新しいサーバのメーリング リスト、CRM ソフトウェア、e マーケティングおよび他の拡張機能を作成できます。

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FXiTe is an advanced cross-platform text editor built with the Fox GUI toolkit and the FXScintilla text widget. It features built-in syntax highlighting for 40+ languages, an embedded Lua scripting engine, macro recording and playback, multi-line regular expression search and replace, rudimentary ctags and calltip support, a flexible interface to external tools, and a built-in "message window" to capture the output of external commands such as compiler error messages, etc.

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PS_View は、!PostScript と PDF プレビューアーです。(Windows、Linux および Mac OS X) の GUI プログラムは Ghostscript エンジンに基づいてマルチプラット フォームです。主な機能には巨大な拡大、サイズの大きいドキュメントの高速表示、正確な測定、および再起動が含まれます。

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Safe Lua

安全な Lua は Lua の高度なサンド ボックスを合わせたの変種です。

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