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Kahua is a continuation passing style (CPS)
application framework and server. It is written
using the Gauche implementation of Scheme. It has
the advantage that you can use "continuations"
easily, so you can solve the typical Web
application's problem of process disconnection. It
allows you to program declaratively by using
S-expressions as a fundamental data type, you can
use Kahua's Object Database to persist data, and
you can modify the function being run, supporting
incremental development.

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The !CHAOS project is aiming at the development of a new concept of a control system and data acquisition framework providing, with a high level of abstraction, all the services needed for controlling and managing a large scientific or non-scientific infrastructure.

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操作系統: Linux
程式語言: C++
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Mod_Dosblock is an Apache module written to provide Dos/DDoS protection at the HTTP layer. It works on HTTP URLs or HTTP headers, and can throttle requests based on the incoming URI/header pattern. This module can be particularly useful in an architecture where the content serving Web servers sit behind reverse proxy Apache servers exposed to the Internet. The gateway servers can throttle/DoS protect HTTP queries, saving the actual serving Web servers.

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