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JCatapult is a development platform written in
Java. Built for modularization, JCatapult allows
developers to build modules such as a blog,
content-management system, wiki, or any other
reusable set of features and use them across
multiple applications. Built on top of open source
technologies, JCatapult is a robust and scalable
platform. However, it is also agile and
lightweight because it uses a convention over
configuration approach.

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Cream is a simple but solid cross-language, cross-platform, client/server-based synchronous remote procedure call (RPC) toolkit, similar to (but incompatible with) XML/RPC, SOAP, and Web Services.

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jdiagnostics is a library of routines for inspecting the state of a JVM and building a support bundle. It makes it easy to diagnose issues with classpaths, resources, serviceloaders, versioning, XML parsers, and so forth. It has no dependencies, and is an essential library to build into any infrastructure application.

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