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Broadway aims to be an easy way for a user (with
administrative rights) to IP multicast enable
their LAN via a tunnel. The nature of this tunnel
is such that it is tuned specifically for
receiving broadcast-style multicast transmissions.

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emailcheck logs into popular German Webmail sites and displays number of unread messages in the status bar. The user can then click on the icon, which launches the Web browser and automatically logs into the Webmail site. Supported services are and

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Kobldes makes it possible for the designer to model building information and uses POV-Ray for visualization. It is also programmed using the POV-Ray screen description language (SDL). The goal of is to create a fully functioning building information modeling and management tool for designing buildings. It currently allows the designer to accomplish basic tasks with building components such as building levels and spaces in the process of solving design problems. In the near future, it will compute and make available information about the building such as sizes/volumes (such as an area for painting in a particular room), requirement checks (e.g. spatial conformance), and Property checks (e.g. calculating the solar savings factor).

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Zadok is a multi-language test suite runner. It is designed to run small test programs written in one of the programming or scripting languages that it understands, compare their output to what is expected, and determine a pass or fail. Tests are grouped into suites for conceptual organization purposes.

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