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yash: List of commits

修訂. 時間 作者
r4245 2023-04-24 22:53:31 magicant

htdocs: Update repository location to Git

r4244 2023-04-23 11:22:01 magicant

Remove yash codebase in favor of Git

r4243 2023-04-08 19:10:01 magicant

tests: Skip SIGWINCH tests on unsupported platforms

SIGWINCH is not a POSIXly-portable signal. We should ensure the signal
is supported on the platform before testing.

r4242 2023-04-08 19:09:59 magicant

configure: Declare putchar only if it's not a macro (#47773)

c4200 added the declaration of the putchar function, but it breaks
compilation if any included header has defined it as a macro.

r4241 2023-04-08 11:44:16 magicant

Bind clear-and-redraw-all in sample (#45994)

r4240 2023-04-08 00:22:42 magicant

Support argument to {clear-and-,}redraw-all (#45994)

This commit makes clear-and-redraw-all similar to bash's clear-screen,
which some users may find useful.

r4239 2023-03-03 23:35:23 magicant

htdocs: Update index.html

r4238 2023-02-25 18:42:54 magicant

Version 2.54

r4237 2023-02-25 18:38:42 magicant

Remove wrongly tagged version 2.54

r4236 2023-02-25 18:37:23 magicant

Version 2.54

r4235 2023-02-25 12:06:14 magicant

Up version to 2.54

r4234 2023-02-25 00:06:29 magicant

Test alias substitution to empty string

r4233 2023-02-25 00:06:26 magicant

Alias ending with blank & line continuation (#46532)

If the value of an alias substitution ends with a blank, the shell
checks the next token for another substitution. Previously, yash was
examining the parse buffer content to see if the last character of the
alias value was blank. However, this procedure incorrectly ignored any
line continuation that might be at the end of the value. After this
commit, the shell will test the last character in the alias definition
to determine the character blankness correctly.

r4232 2023-02-03 00:15:48 magicant

Don't declare undefined function

r4231 2023-01-28 00:08:49 magicant

Correct documentation

r4230 2023-01-27 23:14:42 magicant

Correct documentation

r4229 2023-01-21 12:29:31 magicant

common: alias o for WSL

r4228 2023-01-19 00:51:32 magicant

Sort shell options

r4227 2023-01-19 00:51:29 magicant

Update docs for le-trim-right option

r4226 2023-01-10 22:53:15 magicant

Add le-trim-right option

Patch contributed by leath-dub at:

r4225 2023-01-07 23:39:43 magicant

Improve syntax error message (#46475)

This commit modifies the error message printed when the shell sees a
redundant token following a valid command. If the token is closing, the
print_errmsg_token_unexpected function renders a better note.

r4224 2022-12-24 15:44:32 magicant

Document prediction font styling

r4223 2022-12-09 23:44:04 magicant

Don't negate exit status of return (#46224)

r4222 2022-11-23 14:20:47 magicant

Disallow recursive xtrace (#46095)

r4221 2022-11-23 13:27:46 magicant

Remove outdated references to removed functions

The `save_parse_state' has been removed since long ago.

r4220 2022-11-16 01:15:07 magicant

Update exported $DIRSTACK value in pushd/popd

r4219 2022-11-16 01:15:04 magicant

Ensure allexport applied to all assignments (#46011)

Previously, there were many call sites of `set_variable' and `set_array'
that failed to pass `shopt_allexport'. This commit modifies the two
functions so that they applies the option themselves.

r4218 2022-11-14 00:49:03 magicant

Apply errexit & errreturn to for loop assignment error (#46052)

r4217 2022-11-10 23:33:49 magicant

Ensure noclobber redirection terminate (#46053)

r4216 2022-11-03 14:57:08 magicant

Remove unnecessary apply_errexit_errreturn call

This call was added in r3628 to handle redirection errors in compound
commands. Since r4130 split the function so simple and compound commands
are handled in separate functions, the call is not needed now.

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