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WiiRemote access Library for Proce55ing

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Pakages for Proce55ing

  • Wrj4P5 : WiiRemote access Library
  • Loc : 3Dgeom., Vector, Matrix, Equation System, parametric vector function, having solvers
  • l4P5 : (static) methods drawing objects in the pakage Loc on the Processing

The sample sketches are Classiclll's Proce55ing Test Page.

System Requirements

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發布 2008-08-24 01:17
wrj4p5 alpha-007 (2 files 隱藏)


Correct the Balance Wii Board conection checker, isConnecting().
Some methods added to the class WiiBoard
Loc guessCoG() : the estimation of the center of gravity
boolean isleftZone() : is the CoG on the left side of the board
boolean isTopZone() : is the CoG on tne top side of the board
boolean isCentralZone(float tol) : is the CoG on the central zone, gibven torelance
boolean isCentralZone() : same as above, and the torelance is set to 0.4.