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WiiRemote access Library for Proce55ing

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Pakages for Proce55ing

  • Wrj4P5 : WiiRemote access Library
  • Loc : 3Dgeom., Vector, Matrix, Equation System, parametric vector function, having solvers
  • l4P5 : (static) methods drawing objects in the pakage Loc on the Processing

The sample sketches are Classiclll's Proce55ing Test Page.

System Requirements

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發布 2008-06-15 01:17
Loc beta-003 (2 files 隱藏)


New stuffs in Loc.
Vfunc : the model of Vector functions, having root finder, extreme finder, parameter estimator.
EqSys : the model of multi-valued nonlinear equation system, having solver
Mat : linear algebra stuff with the linear equations solver (LUdecomp)
Vec : linear algebra stuff, with the polynomial equation solver(DKA)

*zip including test drivers