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2019-08-19 04:26
評由 NIck77

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Excellent product very stable. Use it daily.

2019-08-17 00:01
評由 Dartstew

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TortoiseSVN is a very solid product with a good collection of features. My dev team runs it on Windows and it's worked very well for us for a few years now. While the Windows Explorer integration works well, we've also integrated it successfully with our Oracle IDE and UltraEdit (our favorite code editor). That's how I use it the most, rather than via Windows Explorer.
* Good integration with Windows and local tools. * Windows file icons make it easy to identify code that's out of sync with the repository. * Product has been rock-solid for the basic features that we use.
* Other products that provide their own icon overlays block TortoiseSVN's icons. While this product explains how to fix it by mucking in your Windows Registry, it'd be nice if TortoiseSVN could fix that so their icons took priority. * The "experimental" Shelve feature in the 12.2 release doesn't seem to work at all for me. It just spins for a while, saying it's archiving a LOT of data, then errors out, saying it couldn't do its thing. I had high hopes for this feature.

2019-06-28 19:54
評由 chiverova

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При слиянии в транк при выборе ревизий из журнала, журнал долго зависает. Проблем на 1.9.5 такой нету. С версии 12.0 При нажатии в интерфейсе на ветку транк, свн вылетает без ошибок. Работать стало невозможным( When you merge into a trunk when you select revisions from the log, the log hangs for a long time. Problems on 1.9.5, there is no such. Since version 12.0 When you click on the trunk branch in the interface, the svn crashes without errors. Work became impossible(

2019-05-09 06:33
評由 Carlos B. Feitoza Filho

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The perfect shell extension to manage SVN

2019-02-14 00:04
評由 Oliver Queen

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This is a very useful software!

2019-01-20 03:04
評由 Forrest

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A must have when cooperating in a group, as we do and have to edit several maps and files.
Sometimes iconupdate is lost

2019-01-06 08:07
評由 Nei

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It's a good tool and also free :)
easy to use SO integration

2018-12-08 05:44
評由 dlp0918

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It seems distinctly unhelpful for people to rate this project if they have no idea what the purpose of the software is. I have used TortoiseSVN to access my NAS-based subversion repository with no problems that were not user error on my part. On our Mac we use Xversion to access the same repository. Both Subversion clients work very effectively.
TortoiseSVN allows us to manage multiple versions of any types of files that we have tried. The Windows explorer cascading subcommands are very easy to use
No cons from me. I really appreciate this software.

2018-11-18 23:43
評由 GM

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Great project! I am using this for years ...

2018-11-18 09:56
評由 Drunkenstein

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