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Simphone is a secure and private open source Instant Messenger.

* 256-bit end-to-end encryption for voice audio calls and chat
* completely decentralized: no need to register anywhere
* zero-configuration, portable, fast, small and reliable
* can optionally work together with TOR to anonymize your IP address

No third party can look into your communication or block your access.

System Requirements

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發布 2021-12-12 06:00
simphone 0.8.2 (5 files 隱藏)


Bug fix release with translation.


version 0.8.2: translation to french and german


  • libraries: upgraded openssl, miniupnpc, portaudio and c-ares
  • simcore: better error reporting, including sending and receiving of error codes over network
  • mainline: allow higher cpu load (up to 1%) on fast systems by default
  • proxy: faster connections with less latency
  • client: avoid some memory leaks and improved geolocation reporting
  • contacts: show chat with last contact (or user manual if none) in single view mode
  • contacts: user manual dialog is now non-modal
  • ui: added more tooltips and keyboard shortcuts

fixed bugs:

  • param: minor problems with undefined configuration parameters
  • nat: occasional socket disconnect on successful connection reversal
  • client: rarely occurring spurious STATUS OFF event while connected to a proxy as a customer
  • msg: problems with sending of many chat messages on connect and disconnect
  • main: irregularities at login and logout time
  • chatframe: problem with entering composed characters under linux
  • contacts: 'reset to own nick' button was sometimes missing in rename dialog

version 0.8.1: audio calls and chat