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The WSJT project currently includes five programs designed for amateur radio communication using state of the art digital techniques. Typical applications include meteor scatter, EME ("moonbounce"), and QRP communication at HF.

Summary Program Descriptions:

WSJT: Modes JTMS, FSK441, ISCAT, JT6M, JT65, JT4, Echo, CW. Optimized for meteor scanner, ionospheric scatter, and EME at VHF/UHF/Microwaves.

WSJT-X: Modes JT65, JT9. Primarily for use at HF.
MAP65: For EME an VHF and higher frequencies. Implements a panoramic, polarization-matching receiver for JT65.

WSPR: Probe potential propagation paths using low-power transmissions.

WSPR-X: Experimental version of WSPR, including the slow mode WSPR-15.

Source code is maintained here SourceForge. For installable end-user packages please go to the WSJT web site at the link below.

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