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Within this project, we developed alternative scientific firmware for the HP-20b and HP-30b business calculators. As part of this, a comprehensive mathematics library has been developed. Check out the subversion sources decn.{c,h} and complex.{c.h}

WP 34S turns said business calculators into powerful keystroke-programmable scientific instruments. There is a printed manual available for WP 34S v3.2. Look here:

WP 34S is field-proven since 2011. We succeeded in satisfying the most fastidious users - read about their experience at

Recently, we've updated WP 34S to v3.3. And we've derived an entry-level scientific calculator for the same platform: WP 31S. Spiral bound A5 manuals for both can be made available shortly but are put on hold until there are sufficient orders in advance to justify printing (please see

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名稱 大小 日期 下載總數 8.7 MB 2016-01-30 03:45 114
wp-31s-emulator-macosx.dmg 9.9 MB 2016-01-30 03:45 31
wp-31s-emulator-linux64.tgz 2.9 MB 2016-01-30 03:45 26
wp-31s-emulator-linux.tgz 2.9 MB 2016-01-30 03:45 13 23.7 MB 2016-01-30 03:45 207
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wp-31s-emulator-linux.tgz2.9 MB2016-01-30 03:4513
wp-31s-emulator-linux64.tgz2.9 MB2016-01-30 03:4526
wp-31s-emulator-macosx.dmg9.9 MB2016-01-30 03:4531
wp-31s-emulator-windows.zip8.7 MB2016-01-30 03:45114
wp-34s-emulator-windows.zip23.7 MB2016-01-30 03:45207
wp-34s-emulator-macosx.dmg23.7 MB2016-01-30 03:4550
wp-34s-emulator-linux64.tgz8.8 MB2016-01-30 03:4514
wp-34s-emulator-linux.tgz8.8 MB2016-01-30 03:4541
wp34s_V3.zip23.0 MB2015-12-22 22:4556
revision.txt0.2 KB2015-12-22 21:2620
README.TXT3.0 KB2015-12-22 21:2524
wp31s.zip2.7 MB2015-12-22 21:25113
MySamBa.zip240.5 KB2014-10-07 00:3769
wp-34s-flash-windows.zip5.9 MB2012-06-02 22:1377
wp-34s-flash-macosx.dmg11.1 MB2012-06-02 22:1222
wp-34s-flash-linux64.tgz109.3 KB2012-06-02 22:1031
wp-34s-flash-linux.tgz111.1 KB2012-06-02 22:1022
wp34s_Fonts.zip65.7 KB2014-07-07 02:2910
Manual_wp_34s_3_1.pdf8.5 MB2014-07-07 00:3464
Command-Aliases.pdf349.8 KB2014-07-06 23:5128
Manual_wp_31s_1_2q.pdf1.8 MB2014-05-01 16:2162
Flashing a WP 34S using an Arduino Nano.pdf671.8 KB2014-02-20 18:06165
WP34s_Assembler_Tool_Suite.pdf422.9 KB2014-02-05 03:4932
WP_34S_Beg_Guide.pdf3.1 MB2012-07-31 15:2867
IR-Transmitter.pdf98.4 KB2012-06-02 22:2023
How to install crystal and IR diode.pdf3.7 MB2012-06-02 22:20159
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WP34s_Assembler_Disassembler.pdf300.9 KB2012-02-13 18:1328
Manual_wp_34s_2_2.pdf4.0 MB2012-02-13 18:1339
wp34s-V22-2738.zip13.8 MB2012-03-30 03:0929
An HP16C WP 34S Dictionary V5.pdf800.9 KB2011-12-08 00:2464
hhc2011_wp34s_asm_16Sep2011_p.pdf598.4 KB2011-09-28 14:5928
wp34s-HHC2011.pdf3.3 MB2011-09-28 14:5995