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Usnip v1.2

-Fixed an issue with some encrypted videos failing to download
-Updated mmpeg
-Updated ffprobe
-Updated core youtubedl
-Added auto URL paste
-Fixed an issue that caused freeze while checking for updates

An intuitive and reliable software application that comes in handy whenever you want to download online videos and convert to other formats : mp3, acc, wav & mp4 in HD (1080p)

Supported Websites :
YouTube, Facebook, Viki, Daily Motion
CBS, CollegeHumor, eHow, GameSpot
Hypem, Instagram, metacafe, Steam
and many more..

Super easy interface works by just pasting the URL, choosing your quality, format and simply clicking the Download button.

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System Requirements

操作系統: Cygwin (MS Windows)

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名稱 大小 日期 下載總數
Usnip 122.6 MB 2020-02-02 23:53 58
Usnip 116.7 MB 2019-09-03 03:47 205
Read Me.txt 1.7 KB 2019-09-03 03:39 20
Usnip 116.6 MB 2019-06-16 16:36 160
Usnip 116.6 MB 2019-02-27 03:59 290
All Files
Usnip 3.4.zip122.6 MB2020-02-02 23:5358
Usnip 3.3.zip116.7 MB2019-09-03 03:47205
Read Me.txt1.7 KB2019-09-03 03:3920
Usnip v3.1.zip116.6 MB2019-06-16 16:36160
Usnip v3.0.zip116.6 MB2019-02-27 03:59290
Usnip 2.7.2 .exe78.1 MB2018-11-07 20:28921
Usnip 2.7.exe77.9 MB2018-10-11 05:2027
Usnip 2.5.exe67.3 MB2018-04-24 02:5431
Usnip 2.4.exe66.4 MB2017-03-20 04:2097
Usnip 2.3.exe94.7 MB2016-07-24 21:54185
Usnip 2.2.exe55.0 MB2015-12-27 05:231673
Usnip 2.1.exe80.4 MB2015-12-07 21:3947
Usnip 2.0.exe77.9 MB2015-08-13 09:35787
Usnip 1.3.exe41.2 MB2014-08-07 05:0935
Usnip 1.2.exe40.8 MB2014-06-25 20:2123
Usnip 1.1.exe39.4 MB2014-04-15 22:28116
Usnip.exe39.4 MB2014-04-15 04:4717