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The 1-dimensional gas-dynamics code. More information in

Modeling is an important technique for the optimization of internal combustion engines (ICE). The use of calculation models together with experimental tests is producing unquestionable successes due to the fact that both techniques complement each other.

1D wave action models simplify the engine by means of ducts, where only one dimension is considered, and volumes where mass accumulation is considered and the gas properties are uniform in the entire element. Finally, non dimensional models are used to solve connections between 1D and 0D elements.

Thanks to more than 20 years, more than 10 PhD Thesis and many research projects and publications, CMT-Motores Térmicos has developed an own 1D gasdynamic tool called OpenWAMTM which gathers an important know-how on air management, compressible flow, turbocharging, chemical species tracking, numerical analysis and many other aspects of engine modeling.

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操作系統: WINE, All 32-bit MS Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7), POSIX (Linux,BSD,Solaris etc..)

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OpenWAM v2.1
6CylinderTwinT_v2.1.zip10.4 KB2014-12-24 00:5570
4S_HDSI_Turbo_v2.1.zip9.6 KB2014-12-24 00:5586
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OpenWAM_v2.1_linux_x86_64.tar.gz3.6 MB2014-12-24 00:4910
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OpenWAM_v2.1_win32_x86_64.zip3.0 MB2014-12-24 00:4859
OpenWAM_v2.1_win32_x86.zip2.9 MB2014-12-24 00:4832
OpenWAM v2.0.3
OpenWAM_v2.0.3_Win32_x86.zip2.7 MB2014-05-14 17:2124
OpenWAM_v2.0.3_Win_x86-64.zip2.7 MB2014-05-14 17:2018
README3.9 KB2014-05-14 17:0322
OpenWAM_v2.0.3_x86_x64_pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz3.4 MB2014-05-14 17:0010
OpenWAM_v2.0.3_i686_pc-linux-gnu.tar.tar.gz3.1 MB2014-05-14 17:0016
4_Strokes_Turbocharged_HSDI_Engine_CD.PCS60.6 KB2014-05-12 20:2929
OpenWAM v2.0.2
OpenWAM_v2.0.2_x86_x64_pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz5.1 MB2013-04-30 00:409
OpenWAM_v2.0.2_i686_pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz4.8 MB2013-04-30 00:407
OpenWAM_v2.0.2_Win32_x86.zip4.3 MB2013-04-29 22:2122
OpenWAM v2.0.1
OpenWAM_i686_pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz4.9 MB2013-02-03 01:1912
OpenWAM_x86_x64_pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz5.2 MB2013-02-03 01:178
OpenWAM_v2.0.1_Win32_x86.ZIP4.4 MB2013-02-02 05:187
OpenWAM v2.0.0
4_Strokes_Turbocharged_HSDI_Engine_B.PCS60.0 KB2012-06-28 01:0451
4_Strokes_HSDI_Engine.PCS23.9 KB2012-06-28 01:0334
OpenWAM_v2.0.0_Win32_x86.ZIP4.2 MB2012-06-28 00:1714
OpenWAM v.1.1
OpenWAM_v1.1_Source.ZIP515.0 KB2011-11-09 23:2925
OpenWAM_v1.1_Binaries.zip764.1 KB2011-11-09 23:297
OpenWAM_v1.1_Interface.zip4.1 MB2011-11-09 23:295
OpenWAM_v1.1_All.zip5.4 MB2011-11-09 23:296
OpenWAM Beta v.1.0.1
4_Strokes_HSDI_Engine.PCS22.7 KB2011-04-07 00:2113
4_Strokes_Turbocharged_HSDI_Engine.PCS57.0 KB2011-04-07 00:2110
OpenWAM_beta_v1.0.1_All.zip3.6 MB2010-06-10 16:477
OpenWAM_beta_v1.0.1_Binaries.zip655.5 KB2010-06-10 16:474
OpenWAM_beta_v1.0.1_Interface.zip2.4 MB2010-06-10 16:4711
OpenWAM_beta_v1.0.1_Source.zip599.8 KB2010-06-10 16:468
OpenWAM Beta v.1.0
4_Strokes_HSDI_Engine.PCS57.0 KB2010-04-30 16:3317
4_Strokes_Turbocharged_HSDI_Engine.PCS57.0 KB2010-04-17 01:348
OpenWAM_beta_v1_All.zip3.7 MB2010-04-30 16:115
OpenWAM_beta_v1_Binaries.zip799.1 KB2010-04-30 16:104
OpenWAM_beta_v1_Interface.zip2.4 MB2010-04-30 16:106
OpenWAM_beta_v1_Source.zip599.8 KB2010-04-30 16:107