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GHDL is the leading open source VHDL simulator. However it has had little development in recent years, until now. This project aims to keep it up to date with gcc - initially gcc4.8, then newer releases as they come along. Also to allow fixes and enhancements to be made. The original ghdl website at remains in operation but may lag behind this project.

At the moment, we have binary distributions for Debian Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. On other systems, getting GHDL from here means downloading the current source package and building GHDL from source. Alternatively you can get the latest source version (warning : occasionally unstable!) by pulling a snapshot from the Mercurial repository. As other binary builds become available, we will add those too.

For more details, please visit the Wiki :

The user and developer mailing list is:

System Requirements

操作系統: OS Portable (Source code to work with many OS platforms)

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ghdl-0.33-llvm-darwin13.pkg 13.4 MB 2015-12-10 04:26 34
README-0.33 0.6 KB 2015-10-23 03:27 17 1.4 MB 2015-10-23 03:19 184
README 0.8 KB 2015-10-05 00:11 8
ghdl_0.33-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb 6.7 MB 2015-10-05 00:04 70
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ghdl-0.33-llvm-darwin13.pkg13.4 MB2015-12-10 04:2634
README-0.330.6 KB2015-10-23 03:2717
ghdl-0.33-win32.zip1.4 MB2015-10-23 03:19184
README0.8 KB2015-10-05 00:118
ghdl_0.33-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb6.7 MB2015-10-05 00:0470
ghdl_0.33-1jessie1_i386.deb7.3 MB2015-10-05 00:0413
ghdl_0.33-1jessie1_amd64.deb6.7 MB2015-10-05 00:0418
ghdl_0.33-1ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz11.7 KB2015-10-05 00:038
ghdl_0.33-1ubuntu1.dsc1.8 KB2015-10-05 00:033
ghdl_0.33-1jessie1.debian.tar.xz10.8 KB2015-10-05 00:034
ghdl_0.33-1jessie1.dsc1.8 KB2015-10-05 00:038
ghdl_0.33.orig.tar.gz1.8 MB2015-10-05 00:039
ghdl-0.33-x86_64-linux.tgz17.8 MB2015-10-04 17:113
ghdl-0.33.tgz1.8 MB2015-10-04 05:054
README_builds24 B2015-10-04 17:034
README_builds0.2 KB2015-10-04 17:013
README0.7 KB2014-03-02 07:039
ghdl_0.31.orig.tar.gz1.6 MB2014-03-02 07:0117
ghdl_0.31-2wheezy1_amd64.deb24.0 MB2014-03-02 07:0115
ghdl_0.31-2wheezy1_i386.deb23.5 MB2014-03-02 06:5712
ghdl_0.31-2wheezy1.debian.tar.gz12.7 KB2014-03-02 06:5325
ghdl_0.31-2wheezy1.dsc1.9 KB2014-03-02 06:535
README_ghdl-0.31-mcode-win321.2 KB2014-02-13 11:0717
ghdl-0.31-mcode-win32.zip1.2 MB2014-02-13 11:07100
README_OS_X_darwin131.4 KB2014-02-04 21:534
ghdl-0.31-mcode-darwin13.mpkg.zip2.2 MB2014-02-04 21:5318
ghdl-0.31-gcc-darwin13.mpkg.zip26.1 MB2014-02-04 21:5217
README_source0.4 KB2015-10-04 17:001
ghdl-0.33.tgz1.8 MB2015-10-04 16:584
ghdl-0.31.tar.gz1.6 MB2014-01-11 06:5016
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