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Chapeau is a remix of the popular multi-purpose GNU/Linux distribution Fedora.

Chapeau takes the work out of running Fedora as a desktop operating system by including software that the Fedora Project cannot include in the Fedora base.

From the first boot of the live image Chapeau supports rich media and integrates third-party software sources and popular plugins & applications without tainting the simplicity & elegance of the Fedora's default Gnome desktop experience.

Chapeau also includes extra tools that makes your live DVD or USB disk a portable toolkit for repairing Linux and Windows installations.

Chapeau is available for 64bit x86 PCs.

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Chapeau_24_x86-64.iso 2,917.4 MB 2016-09-28 19:13 3797
README 2.6 KB 2016-09-28 18:32 23
Chapeau_24_Beta_x86-64.iso 3,080.2 MB 2016-09-17 23:04 14
Chapeau_23_x86-64.iso 2,587.6 MB 2015-12-08 10:27 4583
Chapeau_23_Beta2_x86-64.iso 2,667.5 MB 2015-11-23 11:38 68
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Chapeau_24_x86-64.iso2,917.4 MB2016-09-28 19:133797
README2.6 KB2016-09-28 18:3223
Chapeau_24_Beta_x86-64.iso3,080.2 MB2016-09-17 23:0414
Chapeau_23_x86-64.iso2,587.6 MB2015-12-08 10:274583
Chapeau_23_Beta2_x86-64.iso2,667.5 MB2015-11-23 11:3868
Chapeau_23_Beta_x86-64.iso2,539.5 MB2015-11-14 23:5130
Chapeau_22.1_x86-64.iso2,413.6 MB2015-07-14 13:551119
Chapeau_22_x86-64.iso2,402.3 MB2015-06-11 04:049
Chapeau_21.2.1_x86-64.iso2,250.8 MB2015-04-11 03:5112
Chapeau_21.2_x86-64.iso2,248.7 MB2015-04-07 09:3110
Chapeau_21.1_x86-64.iso2,317.3 MB2015-02-06 13:117
Chapeau_21_x86-64.iso2,198.5 MB2015-01-17 01:088
Chapeau_20.2.1_x86-64.iso1,926.1 MB2014-05-21 20:5517
Chapeau_20.1_x86-64.iso1,865.7 MB2014-01-02 03:313
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