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BBS engine for scientific discussion. It has the following features:

  • Tex formula
  • Free-hand schematic illustration
  • Display JPEG, PNG, GIF, MPEG, etc.
  • Attach files such as PDF.
  • Running with PHP

There are following two type of BBS

  • Without authentification.
  • With Basic authentification

Without authentification

The usage is just to copy src/noauth/index.php into any HTTP/HTTPS server.

With Basic authentification

The usage is as follows:

  1. Copy src/auth/index.php into any HTTP/HTTPS server.
  2. Create .htaccess in the same directory. Its contents is as follows AuthUserFile DIRECTORY_NAME/.htpasswd AuthName GROUP-NAME AuthType Basic <Limit GET> require valid-user </Limit> where DIRECTORY_NAME is the full-path to the directory where index.php locates, GROUP-NAME is the appropriate owner group in that server.
  3. Create password file and add first user with the following command: bash htpasswd -cm DIRECTORY_NAME/.htpasswd USER_NAME1 chgrp GROUP-NAME DIRECTORY_NAME/.htpasswd chmod o-w DIRECTORY_NAME/.htpasswd whrere USER_NAME1 is the name of the first user.
  4. Add other users (USER_NAME2) as follws: bash htpasswd -m DIRECTORY_NAME/.htpasswd USER_NAME2
  5. The previous command is also used to change the password for any user (USER_NAME). bash htpasswd -m DIRECTORY_NAME/.htpasswd USER_NAME
  6. To remove authentification for any user (USER_NAME), please type bash htpasswd -D DIRECTORY_NAME/.htpasswd USER_NAME
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